I have a new puppy wanted to kno if kennel training was a good idea.


  1. Dogman 5/O

    Dogs are a natural denning animal. When crate training a dog you always feed the dog in the crate and make the crate as inviting and comfortable as possible. Put a blanket in there along with a couple of toys and a chewy or two. It is also ideal for house training the dog. Dogs will instinctively not pee or poop where they eat and sleep. The first few nights the pup will whine and cry when you leave him in there. This is very normal and will soon pass as he gets used to it. The dog will soon start to look at the crate as his den and will see it as a safe,secure and comfortable place to be. But remember for the first few nights he will not be used to it and will protest to being left in it for the night. NEVER take him out when he does this. Because if you do he will soon learn that he can use the whining and crying as a trigger in order to get you to let him out. When he whines it only means that he rather be with you because of his natural instinct to want to be with his pack which is you and your family. How the house breaking come in is whenever you let him out of his crate you immediately direct him outside to do his buisness. Once you have him outside don’t play with him. This will teach him that when he goes outside that it’s potty time and not play time and he will start to associate going outside with going potty and will start to indicate to you as to when he needs to go out even when he is not just coming out of his crate. Let him stay out there untill you are sure that he has finished and then direct him back inside. Then give him praise once he is back inside. This is called possitive re-enforcement and is a reward for proper behavior. Don’t put his water bowl in the crate with him. Reason? Puppies don’t have very good bladder control much like human babies. If you put the water bowl in the crate with them they will sit there and drink small amouts of water out of bordom and it will be harder for them to controll their bladder. Next thing is very important! Choose a crate that is size spacific to the breed of dog. If you are getting a bigger breed you need to get a crate that has an adjustible divider. The reason for this is that if the dogs sleep area is to big than they will find a corner of the crate that they do not sleep or eat in and will pee and poop there. With the ajustable crates you can adjust it to the dogs growth. And you also won’t have to go out and buy a larger crate everytime you pup grows out of it. Most important. BE CONSISTANT. Good luck

  2. peaceout

    Yes that is how I trained my dog and it worked successfully. It could seem cruel, but it relaxes her. And she ususally goes in her cage when she wants to sleep. She does this all on her own. Cages remind them of dens.

  3. renodogm

    Crate training is one of the best things you can do for your puppy. It gives the puppy a safe haven, that keeps it out of trouble. it prevents access to things that hurt puppies when chewed, Electrical chords, chocolate, pills, etc.
    And it greatly facilitates potty training. Go for it.

  4. Susan M

    Yes it can be wonderful if done right. Our five year old still likes to go “in box” with a special toy or a bit of food. Here’s a good link on crate training:http://www.ddfl.org/behavior/crate-train…
    From this site with dog behavior and training tips:http://www.ddfl.org/tips.htm#dog
    Crate training is helpful for housebreaking and giving the pup a place of its “own”. It is a useful tool for all sorts of other circumstances.
    If you travel it gives the dog a place that’s secure and like “home”.

  5. Just me

    The key to potty training your dog is consistency. Any method will work if you do it consistently and reward your dog everytime at first.

  6. alwaysmo

    I love it. The dog knows that it is his safe place where he can relax. I fed him in it just to get him comfortable with it at first. Now when we have to leave the house he sleeps there.

  7. Spanish mortgages

    Everyone I know recommended crate training. However, the technique did not work for my dog. He hates his crate and will cry the whole time he is in it, even for two or three hours straight. I talked to the vet and he said that although this behavior is odd, its not uncommon.

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