Not really. Not unless she has been very successful in training and trialing dogs in obedience or agility or something prior to starting the classes and has a large toolbox of training techniques at her disposal to help her help train other people to train their dogs. I held training classes for years – not much money in it and did it primarily to support my obedience and breed club but even so, it was marginal at making money. It is not a bad activity for her but if she is just wanting to go to some dog trainer school and expects to come out and make a living at training, even puppy level classes, she needs to rethink that. Even training puppies you need to have a huge clue as to what you are doing — people are the ones needing the training and they are pretty difficult at times since the vast majority aren’t the brightest and they really don’t want to expend much energy and time training so they will blame her for their inadequacies. Most won’t do anything more than the training time that is offered at class and then about half or more of them will drop away quickly since they aren’t doing home training and their dogs and they will fall behind — I had a high percentage of stayers but it was because I was pretty selective as to who I accepted and it was imparative that they do their homework and they understood this was not an optional thing… but that was pulling from a huge amount of applicants so I could ‘afford’ to be selective. The only one making money at dog training is that dog whisperer guy and that isn’t because he is training dogs but because he has a TV show and people are gullible enough to fall for that! hahaha If she gets her own TV show then she should do okay! 🙂 I am not really trying to discourage her but I have seen hundreds, many hundreds of people go to dog training schools and not actually be capable of training a dog much less training someone else to train their dog. It isn’t difficult – not brain surgery or rocket science but it does take more than going to one of those schools — years of successful training and trialing before considering teaching others. Oh, and EVEN with all that, there is no ‘big money’ in dog training!


  1. Great Dane Lover

    If she is qualified to train dogs…she may not get wealthy doing it, but if she loves dogs and it’s her wish to do this type of work…then she should go for it

  2. candlein

    Like teaching them????? Is she qualified to teach training classes?????
    Generally NO. Most people do it part time and there is NOT a lot of money in it!!

  3. Dog Lover

    “Big Money”? To me, big money would be $500K to over a million dollars a year.
    In short, unless your daughter is incredibly exerpeinced and a miracle worker in an up market area like SoCal or NYC, then, no. If she works for a reputable company, then she may make enough to get by. If she’s on her own, it will really depend on the market and her experience.
    I would consider it more of a supplemental income.

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