Everyone says to give our Jack Russell a chance and get him training before we rehome him. We cannot really even afford 100.00 because we are both full time college students. He is aggressive with our baby ie: tries to jump on him and lick him and growls and barks at him. Where should I look for free or really, really low cost training? Maybe a student trainer?


  1. Ty B

    You have a need that isn’t going to be addressed by $100 petsmart training and they are about the cheapest (both in price and quality) that you will ever find.
    No such thing as a free lunch

  2. Me

    If you research dog training on the internet, and train the dog yourself, you won’t be out any money. Of course, this is no simple task!!! However, realize too that the behaviors your Jack Russell are exhibiting sound dangerous and in need of a professional and experienced trainer. That will not be cheap, and certainly not less than $100.

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