The training that guard dog available to civilian dogs and how much would it cost.
I would like to get my dog trained or partly trained I just want something more than your regular obedience training


  1. Ingrid H

    Yes, what you are looking for is called a personal protection dog trainer. You will have to contact a trainer for the rates they charge.
    You may find schutzhund to be an interesting sport because one of the three phases of training is in protection. The other two are tracking and obedience. If you are lucky, there may be a schutzhund club near you that you could join.

  2. Honeybelle DILLIGAF

    Schutzhund is available in Australia. Below is a link to the Australian United Sportdog Clubs which may be a starting point for you.
    Not all dogs have the correct temperament for these types of sport and so should undergo a temperament test to determine their aptitude. Also, Obedience training is an absolute must for any dog undertaking Schutzhund training.

  3. dogtrain

    I know I`m going to misspell this but you definitely want schitzhund training.
    I don`t know if you have it in Australia but we do in N.America and i know europe.
    Good Luck and God Bless

  4. Crystizz

    They get all of their dogs initial training done in Germany from the breeders. But other than finding one of those breeders, the only way is with a training officer.

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