My two dogs are a bit unruly, but I don’t have the money to spend on expensive training.
I’ve seen so many infomercials. The latest was this miracle dog collar that works within minutes by the Dogfather. Sounds like BS! Has anyone purchased it and does it work?


  1. Alexandr

    If you have a problem with your dog pulling I would defiantly try a Gun dog lead, if you have a big dog- this slips over your dogs neck then a figure of 8 over its nose.
    Otherwise i would by a halti head collar or gentle leader, which may be better if you have a small dog. Both are quite reasonable in prices.
    These work better as the dog can only pull you from a tiny part of their body, DO NOT by a chest harness as they have all that body behind them to pull you!
    I would suggest that you take both your dogs to basic obedience classes just to gain some control!!

  2. Biyonca

    Yeah, had to use it with my dog, the plastic pinch collar? right? It would have worked for us if my husband was willing to participate but he thinks its okay to let the dog do what he wants (the reason why we had to get the collar in the first place).
    Anyways, I would go to petco or petsmart or such store to get ideas from their trainers first – they will talk to you for free. Then I would try using a choke chain – properly- before moving to the pinch collar.
    But a lot of us could help you out right here if you let us know what troubles you are having. Every dog is different so every method will affect each dog differently, although the type of breed helps with giving you an idea of its character and how it will respond.
    The Dogfather actually uses a choke chain in his video – doesn’t even use the pinch collar that he advertises because he made the video first.

  3. tentoes

    The only truly effective training method is patience and consistency.
    If you do a simple Google search or a search within Y!A, you’ll find thousands of ways to train your dogs. Just type in what behavior you want them to learn then vio’ola.

  4. Nikki1ma

    that sounds like bs that is like putting a collar on your kid and saying don’t get in the candy know be a good girl. How i got my dog to listen was give treats when a good girl and a hand when not.

  5. white tigeress

    it is CRAP but you have the INTERNET use it google all the good trainers. I myself prefer Victoria Stilwell. Check her out she is good and her training tips are good.

  6. Maltese Mamma (67 days!)

    Google NILIF, it worked magnificently on my stubborn Maltese. As with any training it takes time and patience.

  7. Show Breeders sell awesome pups.

    It IS BS.
    Obedience classes are pretty reasonable. Certainly better value than wasting your money buying gimmicks.

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