My cats name is Flip, he is 3-4 years old. He is allegic to fleas, he pulls out his furr trying to get at them. He skin will start to get icky. Everything I have tried is not fully working. He is better but he still has fleas. Why?


  1. Genie

    My cats, Sofy and Puddles, have the same problem. You may have to take him to the vet to get a cortezone (sp?) shot, that’s what we did. You can also use anti-itch creams and gels. On our cats we use a benedryl spray apllied directly to the wounded areas (worst spot on ours is above the tail), also, we give them benedryl pills twice a day. This is an excellent website, please use it as a reference. Hope this helps Flip. ^_^…

  2. Ţộґἴ ♥'s ŢЋз ŢἴŢằѝἴc

    Well my guess would be th product try a new one

  3. Chalice

    Sorry, but collars don’t work. I know they shouldn’t sell stuff that doesn’t work, but they do. Fleas have to actually walk on the collar to work – so they just stay away from the neck area. Take the collar off your cat, it’s useless and they usually end up giving cats a bare patch round their neck.
    Now, what drops are you using? Anything from a pet store is not going to work I’m afraid – stores aren’t licensed to sell the proper drugs. You need to get a spot-on from your vet, like Frontline, Advantage or Revolution, and you need to make sure it gets on your cat’s skin, not his fur.
    You also need to spray your house at least once – again, stay away from pet store stuff, get something from a vets. You might also want to get a Program injection for your cat – it sterilises fleas for 6 months, so it’s useful extra cover for animals with a flea allergy.

  4. princess

    you need to go to the vet and get the proper drops…flea collars dont work as the over the counter stuff doesnt work either especially Hartz products dont ever buy that poison…and remember once you put one flea prevention on you cannot put anything else for 30 days or that is considered overdosing which can and will lead to seizures and possibly death

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