My house has so many fleas. I have not had fleas for 15 or more years in my house. My cats stay inside, but my dog goes in and out. I am sure she brought them inside. I have dipped them, sprayed the house etc. Its not working. What the best chemical to buy, and where? I prefer to go to a store, rather than order on line.


  1. Robert M

    Try and type in fleas in the search section. Thet have great ideas. I myself have used Demize ec it kills eggs,larva and pupae. Follow directions carefully.
    Bombs do not work. believe me

  2. jonesin_

    I like the more natural method and the one that I find that works the best is to buy a powder laundry detergent called Borax. Sprinkle into the carpets and even wood floors if they have cracks in them. Take a broom and sweep it deeper into the carpet and floors. Let it there for as long as you can deal with it, as long as there are no young kids crawling around on the floor or nobody is allergic to it. I usually leave it for a few days. The fleas eat the Borax and then when it gets wet it expands so the fleas can’t eat anything else and die. After a few days vacuum it back up and voila. The fleas should be gone. Goodluck. They really are a pain.

  3. litl m

    My husband is allergic to the flea bite so we get real aggressive in getting rid of them. Cover food, remove people and pets and bug bomb. I use a product that specifically lists fleas and although I am not brand loyal I do not get the generic $1 a can stuff. Treat the cats and dog.
    Air out the house and spray the furniture and carpet. I get a spray from the hardware store that is supposed to kill bugs for 6 months. Cannot remember the name but it is in a red plastic bottle and comes with a hand sprayer.
    Repeat this procedure each week for 2 or 3 times, depending on your success.
    We installed a plug in insect/rodent repellent that is supposed to use the household current to protect our house.
    It seems to have helped.

  4. Wordpress Plugins

    You need to start feeding your pets (all or else the fleas will just go to the untreated pets) brewers yeast. It does something to the animals fur and skin that makes them unappetizing to biting insects. I give them to my dogs and we don’t get the terrible fleas and ticks that everyone around us seems to have as a result of the many squirrels. You also need to get the fumigation bombs to set off inside your home. Don’t forget to turn off the gas and crack a window or two to keep it from literally blowing the roof off your home. Also, you need to set the bombs on some newspaper or cardboard to keep them from staining the floors. The bomb fumes will get the adults and babies in places where you can’t go such as deep down in bedding, furniture and carpet. Unfortunately, you cannot kill the eggs unless you get some Bengal spray just for this purpose. It kills up to 120 days all stages of the flea life cycle. I used it in my house once after we first moved in (I sprayed every soft surface I came to) and never saw another flea again.

  5. mustange

    Take the animals to the vets for treatment and a day or two stay. While they’re gone use spray bombs, (foggers) one in every room. Cover the table or what ever you set each one on and set them all in place. Start at the room furthest from the exit and run from room to room setting them off then get the heck out. Leave the house for at least four hours. This will kill them and then you’ll have to air it out. Sort of drastic sounding I know, but it works and is the only thing I’ve ever found that would when they’re real bad.

  6. Dominics` Lady

    wash your pets with castile soap and the get fresh rosemary in a bowl with boiling water once this has cooled put it ina spray bottle and spay onto your pets and rub …. i done this with my cat and she hasnt had a flea on her and that was about 6mths ago and she is always in and out of the house. spray the rest of the rosemary around your house lik carpets etc

  7. Not I

    You need to set off a few bug bombs. Purchase at a hardware store. The house need to be people and animal free to use it. Mix some Brewer’s Yeast into your animals’ food. This is a natural flea repellent, will prevent further infestations.

  8. The Snake

    Remove all pets and people from the house and activate bug bombs in the house. Use them heavy consintration and follow directions closely.

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