cuz today we found out that my 6 week old puppy has fleas. we just got him 4 days ago. he is indoor but we have to take him outside to use the restroom cuz he is not trained yet. we got advantage and put that on him. do we have to do this every month? like does he have fleas now for good?


  1. Pink Teacup Pachyderm!

    no they do not have flease for life.
    You will have to apply frontline or advantage every month during the warm months.. its not needed year-round. Dogs pick up fleas out in the yard, from other pets, or they just come inside.. Your dog actually only picks up a few fleas.. they then nest and multiply in the home, expecially in carpeting and upholstry. If you treated promptly with the advantage tho, this should put a stop to this, as advantage kills fleas as well as the eggs and larvae.. it stops the reproductive cycle for up to a month.
    Humans are not a preferred host.. however if the infestation is bad enough, yes, they will bite humans. They dont really stay on humans tho.

  2. mindy

    You need to put the flea meds on him every month to kill new eggs and to keep fleas off of him. I don’t know what you mean does he have them for good… the advantage kills all the fleas but they live outside in the grass or on other animals so if you don’t keep up with the meds he can easily get them again.
    Did you get the advantage from the vet? The do have it for puppies… Make sure you have one that is ok for dogs under 6 months. You can also get a cedar bed for him, fleas don’t like the cedar smell and it will make him smell pretty.

  3. Mountain Girl

    No it will not. But I don’t know who gave you the Advantage/Advantix though. Your puppy is not nearly old enough for that! Puppies can’t start on it until they are done with their 3rd and final round of shots (usually around 4 months). Do not put that it on it. The only real option you have for fleas right now is to keep your dog inside & also you can use prescription Capstar. It will kill the fleas on your dog. Once your dog is finished with all its shots (at around 4 months), you can begin using the Advantage. But not now!
    Note: Don’t bathe your puppy more than once a month. It can dry their skin out & make it itch.

  4. Ellen

    No. The fleas will disappear within 24-48 hours. But it is recommended you use it every month to prevent them from coming back.
    Some places, there’s a “flea season” and then during the cold months you don’t have to worry about it. Ask your vet if there are “safe months.” Otherwise, I recommend using some sort of monthly flea product to keep him protected.

  5. Jonathan DeRoos

    No, he won’t have fleas for the rest of his life. My dog had fleas several times. We just put her upstairs and put a special type of bomb for fleas. It’s not like the explotion bomb you might be thinking of. It just puts a chemical to kill the fleas. It doesn’t harm your dog at all but you will want to stay out of the room that you put the bomb in for several hours. You can go online and look up flea remover bombs. Sorry I can’t tell you where to go look. And you might get the fleas also but they don’t stay on you for long if you regularly check yourself.

  6. overdorf

    Not at all. Unless, his environment is left untreated. Six weeks old is too young to use such a heavy duty flea treatment. Double check the instructions to make sure. It’s been a long time since I’ve used flea treatments on my dog. We live in an upstairs townhouse and he gets regular baths so even just one flea gets noticed at my place. I believe there are treatments just for puppies. The adult formulas may have a toxic affect on the pup. Be sure to treat the environment at the same time.

  7. southern

    “advantage works, the fleas are gone… advantage works, the fleas are gone…”
    You can get rid of fleas, however a monthly flea treatment is necessary…
    I would also bathe your puppy at least every two weeks to help keep them off…
    (Fleas are like lice of dogs…)
    hope this helps…
    you maybe able to help by buying a dust for the outside to kill the fleas in the grass…

  8. e-mailing chick

    No he will not have them for life you can get rid of them with a flea dip by the vet. Or, you can give him a bath with flea shampoo. Yes they can get on you but they will not hurt you. If you get one on you just go and put it in the sink and drown it that is the only way you can kill them.

  9. sexy

    its the season for fleas you did right with the flea dip and you will have to do more if you see them or your getting bite and hes scratching himself, as for will he have fleas thew out his life im sorry to say but yes all dogs do.

  10. lolzilla firefox

    No… you can use anti-flea shampoo to get rid of them, and keep a flea collar on him if he is going to spend a lot of time outside.

  11. luvmydog

    No he wont have them for life but you do need to put the medication on him till they go away thanfully my dog dosent get fles! good luck

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