I just got a lhasa apso a few weeks ago. I found out he has been in quite a few bad homes where he has been beaten & starved at times. He’s normally good with me, but when he’s around others, he gets aggressive & bites. Know of any affordable obedience dog training in orange, ca?


  1. Meatloaf

    Most professional trainers now offer courses online. They are real easy to follow and offer a guarantee. Here is my recomendation for dealing with aggression.http://skycforme.sitstay.hop.clickbank.n…
    Also Dove Cresswell North Hollywood Dog Trainer offers online Video training where you can watch all your lessons on your home computer, She is very good also: Trains for hollywood movies etc.. and local to you and me.. I am in Bishop!http://skycforme.cee123.hop.clickbank.ne…
    I also offer a free ebook you can download that will help you understand how online training works. Go here for download instructions:http://www.dog-training-sites.com

  2. wooden blocks

    I know the very best trainer in the world and they are located in Orange County, CA. You.
    I’ve been a trainer/handler/shower for a bunch of years and I have seen just about every kind of training there is. The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of trainers, and especially the ones at your local pet megastore, have NO CLUE of what they are doing and can actually lead you to think that either you or your dog is a witless wonder.
    They “train” using food/treats. Let’s say that your dog bolts out of the front door and you call him back. He has been conditioned to do as you say and then he will get a treat. Well, if you don’t have any treats on you as soon as he comes back and DON’T give him a treat, you broke the deal. Why should your dog listen to you if you don’t happen to have any treats on you? Unless you plan to spend the rest of your days with pockets full of Milk-Bone crumbs, I suggest using an alternate method.
    My suggestion to you is to do a search for a book called “Toward the PhD for Dogs”. Unfortunatley, it has been out of print for many years. (Why is it that the best books aren’t very successful?) It is set up in steps which are very easy to use and completely successful when you follow the program. It’s written for AKC obedience trial preparation but there is no reason that the scruffiest mongrel in the world can’t do the same things that any AKC Utility Dog (UD) does.
    Please believe me when I tell you that finding and buying a copy of that book (usually you can find it for about $20) will save you hundreds of dollars on bullsh** “trainers”. Use the lessons in that book and you will very quickly find yourself walking with a well trained, well adjusted companion instead of “just a dog”.
    Good luck.

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