My 6 month old chiweenie really needs to be taught some manners!!! Got any ideas? Any recommendations for affordable, effective dog training classes?


  1. a gal and her dog

    Ask your vet for recommendations. Big chain stores offer training in basic manners, but can be more expensive than a regular dog trainer. Look up the American Pet Dog Trainers and find one in your area. It’s a good place to start.

  2. jihnken

    You could just look in the phone book under dog trainer and start calling around and ask them how much they cost. Also the large pet stores like Petamart and Petco tend to have basic manners classes.

  3. Cheap Logo Design

    The joke is that dog training is really more about training the owner rather than the dog, so go rent or buy a video on dog training and learn some of the techniques. If you have the money, sign up for dog training classes which usually cost about 30-100$.

  4. wksalter

    I agree with getting a vet recommendation, of course, make sure the recommendation is from a reputable vet that has been in practice for a long time with a good knowledge of industry professionals in your area. we use a trainer here that is private or group, and offers a 6 week course, one night per week scheduled at our availability and it is $90. She is great, like the dog whisperer! : ) Best $90 we ever spent. I agree with going with an individual professional over PetSmart, as I’m not sure the “big box” trainers will consistently have as broad of an experience range with different behavioral issues as a reputable individual professional might. One advantage of our trainer, and I’m not sure if all private trainers are this way, but we can call her any time to ask her questions about things that might happen while we’re at home, outside of the lessons. of course, we don’t abuse that, but she is a great resource! Good luck!

  5. georgew

    Quality training starts around $125. PetsMart seems to be a good place but maybe too distractive in the middle of the store though. City Parks and rec are usually about $60 but usually held in some grassy park. All are usually around 6 pm at night for 6 weeks.

  6. jessica b

    whenever you talk to your dog and give him a command dont say “sit spot” instead say “spot sit” and spot good” this way the dog recognizes its name as a good thing and is more willin to respond… same as when scolding say spot bad instead of bad spot… this really worked with my labradore and mix pup hope i helped

  7. Maranda G

    You can do alot of it on your own if your willing to do the research. Just know that you don’t do you dog any favors by ignoring or even inadvertantley rewarding good behavior. For example, We have a dog in the office that barks when new people come in the door. Some of the employees rush off to give her a bone or to get one for the stranger so that she will not bark. This of course teaches the dog that in order to get a bone she should bark at strangers.
    Dogs want you to be the leader no matter how small the pack. If you do not assume your position as pack leader than your dog will feel uneasy and think that he or she should assume this role. They don’t want it. They want to know exactly what is expected of them and what the rules are. Start by making your dog walk beside you. Make sure the pup waits until you are through a door and say it’s ok for them to cross through as well.
    I would discourage training with treats as the dog thinks he’s trained you to give him a treat when he sits pretty. He should sit pretty because you told him to and his reward should be affection only.
    Another problem that I have come across is that one of our dogs was rescued when she was just 3 or 4 weeks old. She wasn’t properly weened and didn’t the time with her mother needed to teach her boudaries. When a mother weens her pups she begins to instill boudaries in them by snapping at them and so on. It’s not barbaric but the way they work (how many mothers snap at their children everyday!) When a dog lacks this time with their mother it’s hard to go back and teach those same boundaries.
    Good Luck to you it’s a long road ahead but so worth it if you do your research. Dogs are eager to please. They want you to be happy and just need to have exact demands of whats expected of them.

  8. bcbuss20

    Id say Petco (or Petsmart) they have great obidience group training programs that work good….
    Not sure of the cost, my dog is hopeless, so I haven’t taken her

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