Ok ive never crate trained a dog and im not sure how to do it. Do I put food and water in the crate or let it out to eat and drink? If you could please help me with the basics.


  1. dvuksich

    The basics are:
    Place the dog in the crate when you are not able to supervise it. During the day when you are at work or just away. Put the dog in at night for bedtime. Put a good blanket or pad for comfort, and I do not recommend putting food or water in there. Dogs are den animals, they should not potty in the crate. However, if you make the crate too big, it can potty in the corner and sleep in another corner. Give the dog enough space to sit up, turn around and lay down. The dog will not potty where it sleeps if you do this. Feed the dog in another area of your home, kitchen, office, where ever you choose. If you let the dog eat and drink whenever it wants to, then you will develop potty issues. Just with everything else you need to set limits, including the food and water in the crate. Do not worry it really is not mean to the dog.
    If your dog complains when you put in the crate, give treats, kongs or a favorite toy. It should help comfort it. But do not give in the the crys or complaints of your dog. He/she will soon associate it as a safe quiet place. When you are at home with the dog, leave the crate door open. That will help them realize they can go in at any time.
    My dog absolutely hated his crate when we got him as a pup. Screamed and barked and would not stop. We didn’t sleep for a week. It seemed impossible but we ignored him. Now 10 months later, i find him 9 times out of 10 in his crate sleeping when I leave the door open.

  2. bigdaddy

    i have trained my dogs in the crate and all i put in there is a pillow and toys,,, no food or water, when you let them out they will eat and drink and then you let them out side , get them into a routine of that, and you will be better off

  3. .

    Physically put the dog in the crate and leave treats and toys in there.
    Start doing this when you are at home. Close the crate door, and say “GOOD STAY” or whatever you want to use.
    I use the command “CRATE” so my dog knows when the appropriate time it to go into it, and so that she knows that it’s a good place to go when she is rewarded for going in.
    Always keep a Kong in there stuffed with goodies.
    Make it a positive place. Never use a crate as a form of punishment.
    To help with urinating in the crate, feed the dog inside of it.

  4. ♫♪ ki+k@+ b@r ♪♫

    Most dogs luv their crates b/c they see it as their “den”, a cozy, personal space. If ur dog doesn’t go in by him/herself, then u can coax him in w/ food, treats, or toys. At nite, put ur dog in. If he cries, ignore him. It may be hard for the first couple nites, but after that, he’ll be fine. My dog is over 3 yrs old and she still sleeps in her crate.
    But if u need more step by step procedures, look online. There are plenty of sources.
    Good luck!

  5. springch

    Crate training only means one thing–that your animal will not poop or pee in the crate while they are in it. My dog was crate trained when I got her. She was not house trained. House training is a totally different story. Crate training is very simple, just put the dog in the crate and he or she will not go to the bathroom. I would not leave the dog in there for more than a few hours at a time. Dont put the food and water in the crate. Put them where you want the dog to eat every meal. Let the dog have a meal, wait 30 minutes or so and take it out, it should pee and poop. When you are ready to house train, take the dog out every hour or so in the beginning and work up as the dog adjusts. I started out by leaving my dog in the crate while I worked,but then I just could not lock her up while I was gone. She had alot of accidents. BUt she was house trained in three weeks. good luck

  6. onne2sli

    No, you don’t leave water/ food in there that’s not what crate training is about, though you can if they’ve been in their for a long time (not period) but like.. 1 year talking; but don’t leave a full meal. Crate training is to keep the dog from making troubles, enhancing her troubles, getting hurt and espeically potty. You can put small treats/ and toys in there (toys that don’t need to be supervised only is best) You should not place your dog/ pup in a crate more then it can hold itself. Usually for a puppy the number of months is the number of hours it can hold, i’m not sure where the limit is but don’t put too long for an adult too regardless if it was 10 it does not mean 100 hours. LOL <<

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