I have been training at home with my dog for Rally and Im young and when we enter after months of training this will be first. She American Cocker Spaniel. If you think I should take classes how can I convince my parents? Thank u


  1. jpturbop

    definately get into a handling class. Your local kennel club may offer an inexpensive opportunity. The classes are important for three reasons. First, as you learn more, you will do a better job. Second, your dog will learn the correct responses to your commands (it is not always easy to understand this, until someone else watches your dog preform and can correct the flaws that you cannot see from your vantage point.) Third, and by far, the most important benefit is that your dog will be exposed to other dogs and people in a controlled environment. This is called “socializing”, and leads to the kind of well behaved dog you can be proud of, and can take out in public without any fear or trepedation. As a parent and a dog owner, I would suggest that obedience training is an essential part of dog ownership. Get your parents involved, too. They may develop a greater appreciation of your dog and its role in your family. Good Luck!

  2. Great Dane Lover

    I’ve shown in rally since it started and I also train people and their dogs for rally. While training at home is important, training in classes/group settings are just as important. You need to train around as many distrations as possible, get your dog use to a “show” atmosphere, crowds, other dogs, etc. Dogs that don’t get this important part of training often fall apart at shows..they become too excited, to distracted or sometimes too fearful.
    Good luck

  3. Vanessa

    Hi, I think I can help you. I have trained 2 dogs in rally (and I am also young). My best advice is to train on your own, I have taken classes and they help, but you can learn all of the same stuff online, if you have the rally signs, and you know what they mean than don’t take the class. You can buy them online, (and they are much cheaper than the classes) and you can look up the meanings and the show rules online too.
    Good Luck!

  4. tweetyma

    Yes, I think you should take some classes. Perhaps you can take one or both of your parents with you to “observe” either a show or a class. Then you can discuss how the classes might help your dog’s performance. (or your performance as a handler)
    If money is the issue, perhaps you can offer a way to earn some extra cash and help them pay for the classes.
    Good luck!

  5. Mandy

    Well that’s good you are training your dog at home. I think that’s pretty good for you and your dog. But if it doesn’t work out then maybe you should go out and take classes. But if only if it’s easy for your parent’s. But I hope everything will go fine.

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