I need some recipes for dog treats, but small ones as I’m using them for training.


  1. Jen J

    I use the treat recipes at http://www.k9rawdiet.com/Recipes-p-9.htm… There is a really good salmon treat recipe there. On that page I think most of the recipes that list commercial raw products but you can substitute your own ingredients from home. For example, in the recipe that calls for an “organ blend” you can just use liver from the grocery store. And in the salmon recipe, you can just use canned salmon instead . My dogs go nuts for the salmon cookies and you can bake them small enough to use for a high value training treat.

  2. Tin Can Sailor

    The best treat when training is praise! Good boy/girl. I trained a German Shepard to totally respond to had commands with nothing more then “Good Boy” and a good petting. He would do heel, sit, stay, come, down all with hand commands. He never got a treat. Praise is the best thing you can do. It shows that you love her for what she is doing.

  3. mdz1350

    Sometimes kibble works, no joke, if they don’t eat for a few hours and you use that, it’s better than actually buying treats for them sometimes! I did that for my dog (points to source)

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