It’s never to young to work on obedience training and housetraining (don’t expect miracles, they can’t be reliably trained at a very young age, but you can start instilling basics).
As far as working dogs go, 6-9 months is the time to start with hunting, search and rescue, etc. You’ll be more able to get the dog’s attention on training, and by this age, obedience training should be complete or nearly complete, needing only “reinforcement” training.


  1. Leigh

    4 months. But you can start working with your puppy at home.
    They have to have their vaccinations in order to attend class.

  2. Save the wolves.

    It depends on which type of dog.Small dogs require a bit older age than a big one.I say about 4-6 months,but it just really depends on the development of the dog.

  3. phoenix web design

    Once they have all of their vacinations (including rabies ) they can start training classes .the classes are benifiacial because it socializes them with other dogs/puppies and ppl so they dont becoem fear bitters and good luck with your dog:)

  4. julie v

    Everyone has a different preference.
    Since I have small dogs I wait until mine are finished all of their puppy shots.

  5. julie d

    i took mine at 6 months and found it worked.but he has his moments.and that is were you have to remember that he is still young and that he is an animal and like us likes to play,affection and patience.

  6. thor71th

    you should start as young as possible. my dog was only 10 weeks old when we started. its a great way to kick start a great relationship with ur dog.

  7. Catie G

    As soon as they have had their Rabies vaccine which I think is about 4 months. It is best to start training young.

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