We just got a 10 week old German Shepard puppy. We got him from a lady who lived in the boonies. She told us when we got him that he needed a bath because he was playing in the mud earlier. In the back of mind that meant that this puppy is going to be riddled with ticks and fleas. What are some natural ways to get rid them? We gave him a bath and he was super dirty, got most of the fleas and some of the ticks. Just want to know what to do so we can keep them off.


  1. damselch

    A few drops of Tea Tree Oil or Eucalyptus Oil in the shampoo works wonders. I have a dog that is horribly allergic to the topical flea and tick treatments (Almost killed him!) and I’ve been using it for a few years now…
    Here’s a link with soem more information about homeopathic pet remedies: http://www.preciouspets.org/petherbs.htm

  2. Proactol

    To keep them off buy Front-line you apply the medication between the shoulder blades, the medication will spread it’s self though out the dogs body. Each application last 1 month, it works great, if the dog still has fleas and ticks the medication will kill them right away. I use Front-line on my dogs to keep them from getting fleas and ticks. Highly recommend!
    Edit: Ask your vet first if it’s okay to use Front-line on a 10 week old pup.

  3. Bubble18

    This may be shocking but diesel oil actually works. Where i come from a lot of ppl use it on their dogs to kill fleas and ticks…DO NOT USE GAS lol. Thats really dangerous…but seriously…try to use medicated stuff…only use diesel when you’re runnin low on cash

  4. sisternv

    I used brewers yeast years ago for my German Shepard he never got fleas. For ticks I don’t know, he never had one.

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