We have 3 dogs and 3 cats and can’t get rid of these fleas! We have tried using Dawn but it doesnt seem to help, we have used frontline as well…any one have any better ideas?


  1. John H

    Soap and shampoo can be helpful, but the pet can become re-infested easily. If you pets have fleas, your house has fleas.
    Soaps will soften the exoskeleton of the bug but may not kill it.
    Treat your house, especially your carpets. Salt works great for this!
    Put some salt – a few tablespoons in you vacuum and do the rug. After you vacuum, salt the carpet good and well. The salt will kill the fleas.
    Combine this with your front line and a flea collar, you should be good to go!

  2. donna d

    go to the pet store and by some zodiac it is the only thing that will help get rid of them out of your home and carpets you need to spray your whole house and they will go i know my home was infested when i moved in and the zodiac was the only spray that helped good luck.

  3. Chick with pets

    Get a shallow pan, fill with water and dish soap. Put on the floor and put a light above it. The fleas will be drawn to the light, into the soapy water and die.
    Also, put cedar chips into small cloth bags and place them under sofa, around pet areas, etc.

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