My family is watching my Grandma’s dog who has introduced fleas into our home. We have two dogs that have gotten them, and my Mom has found them in multiple places through the house- carpet, furniture, beds, and even some of our clothes. This is very disgusting because we have never had a problem with fleas.
What are some ways to get rid of and control the fleas? We would rather not use chemicals because we have birds and our one dog (she’s greyhound mix) has very sensitive skin.



    in the house use a small lamp with a shade on the floor with shallow lids around filled with soapy water…put it to where the dog can’t get to it…turn it on at nights the fleas will go to the lamp and jump in the soapy water and drowned…outside dust your yard with sevin-5 and it will kill the fleas as a first application dust it heavy…any other applications don’t need to be as heavy…i dusted mine every 8 weeks till 2 weeks ago…we had our first frost here lastnight so i’m hoping that helped kill them out….keeping the grass cut short that helps too..

  2. got_jack

    At Wal-Mart you can find a flea bomb. It’s a container that you set off in your home and it releases and chemical that will kill the fleas. Make sure no living thing is in your house with all the windows shut. That should take care of them in your home. As for your pet’s there is a shampoo called “Nature’s Cure” and it is an all natural flea and tick shampoo just follow the directions. It also has skin soother in it.

  3. Jess

    My dogs have had the same problem. I had to use a flea spray its sergeant’s gold flea and tick spray. I don’t know how bad they are but the ones my dogs got were almost impossible to get rid of if they are that bad get a flea comb and baby gel put the baby gel all over them it stops the fleas in their tracks it also wont hurt your dogs skin (my dog also has issues with sensitive skin) once the baby gel is covering your dogs comb the flea’s out with you flea comb.. That’s very effective and it wont hurt the dog…. Then with the flea spray you spray around your home and its pet friendly it wont hurt your other pets 😀

  4. LPBA

    spread darmouth earth around the house. (you can find it at your local feed store in gardening section.) Leave it on those spot your finding fleas for 3 days when dogs lay on it it scraps the waxy tecture off the fleas and they dry out and die! If your dog licks it it will only get rid of any internal worms they might have.

  5. Tukmyham

    Best stuff is the chemical that you put on the back of the dog’s neck such as Frontline brand.
    Yeah I know you said you don’t want to use chemicals but fleas are tenacious little buggers and if you don’t use some hard core solutions then you’re not going to get rid of them.

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