I want to get a dog from the Humane Society and will opt towards an easily trainable dog and/or one who is already trained. If he is already trained, what will I personally have to do to so he responds to me? Also, what exactly are the things I would train him? Basically, if he listens to me and can understand the commands, he will be able to understand most of what I want him to do, right?


  1. Bobbie

    I agree, there is an advantage to a dog that already has the basics down. That said, read about the types of dogs you may want and the ages, as well. Often the behavior of a dog will change after a couple of weeks at home…the shelter is not the most “normal” of environments. And there are certain ages a dog goes through, just like people. Puppyhood, adolescence, adulthood, geriatrics. It might be nice to know what to expect.
    Training Classes:
    Also, I highly recommend training classes, even for experienced people and experienced dogs. I still take my dog from time to time for a refresher. It is really fun, I learn new stuff, she learns new stuff, we refresh old stuff, others learn stuff from us, we meet new people and dogs…the list goes on and on. Training class is really is a good experience all the way around.
    The Basics:
    A good book or two would help. An author recommendation is below. The basics are sit, stay, leave it, and walking nicely on a leash. With a book, you will get idea of other things, and if you have access to the training classes, you’ll get even more ideas. Training your dog is very enjoyable. They are so pleased to please you, and the teamwork is very bonding.

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