I have small pomeranians and inside dogs. I let them out to do
their business a few times a day, however, I have a flea problem
no matter how many times i bath them (once a week) and apply
the applicator down the middle of their back that suppose to keep
fleas off them. I use frontline solution, but doesn’t really work.


  1. lilyblue

    Advantage and Revolution are two products available from your veterinarian that do prevent fleas. It is a once a month topical solution applied to one area of the dog’s back. It is usually recommended to use flea prevention from June through November.
    Advantage is less expensive because (unless you buy Advantage Plus) it only prevents fleas.
    Revolution is more expensive, and it is prescription, but it prevents fleas, heartworm, ticks, ear mites, sarcoptic mange, and two common intestinal parasites.

  2. cherryde

    frontline works really well, so it has to be another issue. Do not bather your dogs 48hrs prior or 48 hours after applying the Frontline. It needs time to soak into the skin. Fleas will start dying within 24 hours and will completely gone…from YOUR DOG, in 72 hours. You also need to vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, your house…Vacuum like 2-3 times a day and use flea spray on your carpets. Once they are inside your house they will stay there unless you flea bomb it. Also, apply the Frontline every 3 weeks for the next 4 doses. This should prevent any fleas on your dogs, not in your house. Your house is the biggest problem once you deal with that the fleas will be gone. I promise you that! Frontline is a great product. Whatever you do, DO NOT USE Hartz or any other flea product other than advantage, advantix, or frontline…sentinel in some areas. These can cause serious side effects. (seizures and death in most cases) Flea bomb your house and vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, that is the key. Goodluck!
    P.s the fleas should be dying off come november so you should notice a decrease, but again the home is the biggest problem..
    P.P.S Frontline is so safe that you can apply it everyday and it will not harm your dog or cat. They can also ingest it and it wont harm them….but please don’t put it on everyday. There are studies showing this if your interested

  3. Susan

    I’ll only use natural products on my dog. Those you mentioned- Advantage, Frontline, Sentinel, etc.- are poisons. Look into diatomaceous earth- the food-grade kind.

  4. sneergla

    Maybe you have a flea infestation at home. You might want to try to eliminate those at the same time.

  5. Zach H

    there are differents steps to make sure that your dogs dont get fleas, it sounds like the fleas are coming inside your house from the outside, you need to make sure that there are no fleas outside. Then you need to go see your vet, he will have the ultimately correct answer to you problem, and can most likely give you a perscription for the fleas, Also you should use a flea comb. The eggs look like little white dots (like from dippin’ dots (not to ruin that for you)) and most likely appear underneath the base of the tail.

  6. Erica M

    Frontline products are the best. they are non toxic to the dogs as they do not enter the nervous system but the fipronil in the Frontline attacks the nerve system of the fleas which kills them. Its the best and SO much better than putting on chemicals that enter their systems.

  7. mspiggy

    You can use flea collars and Frontline, but there is some spray for outside that is called Home Defense that you can spray outside or you can get it in like a spread that you can put in your yard. That is what we did to get rid of them outside. Inside we used a carpet powder that you work into your carpets then vacuum up(it helps get rid off eggs, and any fleas living in your carpets) you can get this at wal-mart. Good luck!!

  8. Douglas R

    Yes front line does work get it from a vet use as directed don’t get at wal mart or pet supply not the same.When you put the frontline on the dog give it time to work before giving bath we have 15 dogs own a kennel we have no fleas the dog don’t need a bat once a week if they start smelling like a dog Take a diaper wipe and wipe it off leave the front line on the dog wasting lots of money washing the dog weekly bet the dog skin is dry they cant washing that much.There is a washing power a the food store called three team borax this will kill fleas and bugs in your house it is safe for you and animals sprinkle around house in carpet in chairs in dogs bedding leave a few days then vac,it up with front line fleas will be gone my wife has a kennel with 15 dogs we have no fleas lots of cats in the yard we are the drop off point we get them spayed and neutered they come one way leave another.It works all you have to bo is try it very cheap.the collars dont work.

  9. Ciji

    I use frontline too and it SEEMS to work so I guess I cant help you there but if you have fleas in your house I suggest using “Knockout Area Treatment” it comes in like a hair spray can, and you spray it all over the CARPET and you must leave the house for I think it is like an hour or something but I had a problem with them too and this cleared it RIGHT up!
    Oh yeah, this is what my vet recommended and I think you can only get it at the vets office

  10. Amanda G

    A safe, all natural way to get rid of fleas (though it takes time) is to feed them garlic. Fresh is best. The garlic in their blood is not tasty to fleas. However, you need to do a whole house clear as well. I’d suggest taking them to a park or something at some point and bombing the house. Um. Not bombing like blow up, but use flea-bombs. Ridxx makes some really good ones that not only kill current fleas, but kill the eggs and larvae as well. There’s also a prescription flea treatment that prevents the fleas from reproducing, so their easier to control.

  11. San Diego

    There are only two brands that work on fleas and you have to get them from the vet. The stuff you buy at Pet stores does not work. If you get Fontline or Advantage you will never see fleas again. Also vaccume your carpet to get rid of flea eggs. Put it on once per month. No more fleas!!

  12. geejaydo

    There are only two things you need to know.Frontline is garbage if you are in a flea infested area.Trust me I know.
    All you need is
    ADVANTAGE (no self respecting flea will come anywhere near this stuff.50 flea free dogs tells me this)
    FLEA BOMB your house.that will take care of any fleas inside.Use Mortein or Raid flea bombs.(must leave the house for up to 2 hours)You can also spray this in the outside area where your dogs lay.Wash any bedding or lay it out and spray it with the flea bomb.Good Luck and let us know if you solve your problem.

  13. NHDDVM

    Consider a couple of things. Frontline is water resistant, not water proof so if you are bathing weekly you could be washing it off. It is possible that you have fleas that are resistant to Frontline. There has been resistance reported. Try using Advantage instead. Another product that works well to prevent flea infestations is Sentinel which contains a heartworm preventative as well as a flea preventative. Combining this with Capstar, Advantage, or Frontline during an infestation will usually get rid of the fleas.

  14. Ro-bot

    I use frontline for my dog, too, and haven’t had anyproblems, but, Frontline isn’t waterproof, so you may be washing it off when you bathe them every week (you should only apply the frontline once a month, or it could make your dog sick). Make sure you are using the right dosage, and try spraying your house with a good fleacontrol spray for rugs and furniture (I got some stuff from my vet, it was like $12 for the bottle, but it worked so well that I hardly needed any to treat my apartment).
    Outside, keep the grass in the area your dogs go cut short to discourage fleas and ticks.
    If all that doesn’t work, talk with your vet about switching medications or other options.
    Good luck.

  15. CreamFiL

    the best thing to do is ask your vet about a quality flea medication. Try getting all the fleas out first so they stop reproducing.

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