We have a Yorkshire terrier and he was very hard to potty train, when we get our next dog, I want to do it right or better. Do you have any ideas that were successful in potty training your dog?


  1. pageserv

    The best thing you can do to “potty” train your dog is to be consistent. Take him/her out at the same time(s) everyday. If they are a young puppy, this may also mean after mid-night outings. (Our dog associates going out by my saying “Hurry up”) hence the 3am outings.
    Usually a puppy can hold it’s bladder approx. 1/2 hour for every month in age until they reach 10 – 12 months. Then their bladder should be fully developed. ex. if your dog is 3 months old, they maybe able to hold themselves for about 90 minutes.
    They will also give signs. They really don’t want to go inside the “cave”, and they will let you know they want out. They may start digging in a spot, prancing around, going towards the door. You need to pay attention and learn their individual behavior.
    Other Key times to let your dog out:
    After they eat,
    After they wake up.
    As soon as you come home.
    After you play with them.
    I would by-pass the whole “paper training first” thing. You will eventually have to train them to go outside anyway. Plus they may associate going to the bathroom in the spot where the paper was even though the paper is gone.
    If they do have an “Accident” it is usually not the dogs fault, but yours. You can’t really get mad at them. Rub their nose in it does nothing but confuse them.
    If you do catch them midstream get them out the door, and praise them for being outside.
    If they do have an accident Natures Miracle is a great product for clean up.

  2. M

    Well, i just did a simple thing to train her to do her business outside,
    when she was young she would have the odd accident, i took her to the spot she wee’d on and make her look at it then i said ‘NO’ very clearly, then i took her to the balcony door and told her to go out there, and if she did i’d praise her and give her a chew toy and say things like good girl.
    it did work and now she cries when she wants to go wee.

  3. Bop It

    Honestly, the only thing that’s worked for my Shih Tzu, after 3 years, is switching her to a raw diet. On kibble she drank SO much that she really couldn’t help but to go in the house because she constantly was peeing.

  4. Just the facts

    The same way I’ve HOUSEBROKEN dozens of dogs.
    CONFINE when not direct supervision. Put OUT regularly.
    CORRECT wrong behaviors & PRAISE correct.

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