I have a 51/2 month old Goldendoodle pup that is VERY intelligent and knows all the basic commands of sit, come, stay and bedtime (goes to her crate) and rings a bell to go potty outside!
I feel like she may be to advanced for the Petsmart puppy training. Can anyone explain what she may possibly learn that she hasn’t already by attending? I’d hate to spend money on training that is already being incorporated into her daily life.


  1. LilyPink

    We did the puppy class then the advanced class, but I’ll just talk about the advanced class.
    The best thing my dog learned at Petsmart was to be around other dogs and stay under control. In the advanced class we did a lot of coming with distractions (let dog loose, called the dog to come, but he had to pass other dogs or come with another dog next to him). We also worked on scary situations – staying calm around handicapped equipment, tunnels, etc.
    But overall, the best part was he got used to other dogs. Of course, you need to keep this up, but it’s so nice taking my dog for a walk and him not pulling or jumping to get to other dogs and people we pass.
    The advanced class does a few more advanced commands too – roll over, leave it, take it, etc. You’ll also review the other stuff.
    I was very happy with the class, and it gave me a a basis for what to work on at home. It’s nothing too advanced, but I have an awesome, 3 year old dog now and people always comment how well trained he is.

  2. Moe

    It’s really all up to you the owner, and the trainer. I took my puppy when she was younger and the guy really couldn’t help me with anything because I really didn’t have any problems with my dog. It sounds like you are in the same boat… I went to about 3 sessions and stopped going… I say save your money..

  3. greekman

    Nothing..Petsmart training is not for anything serious, it is for those that have no idea. Keep your money, don’t waste it on non-sense.

  4. flutterb

    depends on what you put into it to what you get out of it. talk to the trainers and see if they is anything they can help you with.

  5. ♪Majestik moose© ★RAWR★

    i wouldn’t waste my money there.
    go to a real trainer, elsewhere, and look for an intermediate, or upper level OB course. get into agility, something.

  6. *Kelsey*

    sounds like your dog is already pretty well trained.
    don’t waste your money.
    we took our dog there and they only teach sit, down, and …… well, that’s about it.

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