I live in a townhome complex full of dogs and outside cats. We have issues with fleas year-round and I wonder if there are plants that are not hospitable to fleas? I live in Southern California in USDA Hardiness Zone 9.


  1. stonefie

    Fleas are generally hitchhikers, and if you have domestic pets or wildlife wandering through your property, there’s a good chance that fleas are going to keep returning regardless. A warm, humid climate often helps keep the population growing.
    To help prevent them from targeting your own pet, make sure their coat is in good condition. Animals with dry, flaky skin are more appealing to fleas than pets with shiny coats and conditioned skin. Also, pets given a vitamin B supplement, brewer’s yeast, apple cider vinegar and garlic tend to repel fleas.
    Flea larva are often hatching at the ground level. Beneficial nematodes will kill larva and treat an outdoor area safely.
    Plants that are high in oils repel many insects, but the effectiveness outside may differ slightly from indoor or topical use. Sage, lavender, pennyroyal, mints, rosemary, thyme, oregano, wormwood, scented geraniums, rue and fennel are all plants that fleas avoid.
    You can also take any combination of these herbs and use them dried as flea-repellent bedding for your pets (stuff an old pillowcase and zip it into a dog or cat bed), or can be finely crushed and sprinkled on carpeting. Allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes, then vacuum. Frequent vacuuming also removes cocoons from carpet and prevents fleas from reproducing in your home.
    Hope this helps!

  2. joanplus

    Lavender, lemongrass, other plants that have a lemon scent,pennyroyal & citronella plants. I would use cypress or hard wood mulch but don’t use any pine mulch or straw. Fleas & ticks & termites love & live in pine mulches. Cypress is a harder wood than pine & is natural insect repellent. Though nothing is really going to keep fleas away. I live in GA & we have a similar issue with warm weather & difficult to get rid of fleas. I would apply insect granules outside of my unit to keep them from my home.

  3. swarovski rhinestones

    I’m not sure you will be successful, but here are some ideas:
    Evergreen aromatic shrubs from the Mediterranean. Grows 2-6 ft. with pale blue 1/2″ flowers and attractive foliage. Powdered Rosemary leaves are used as a flea and tick repellent. Simply dust the powder onto the pet or areas where the pet sleeps. A very effective and safe repellent.
    Takes action on your part, the plant alone may not work.
    A hardy perennial to 3-5 ft. with gray, silky foliage and leafy spikes of small flowers. Hardy throughout the US. Easy to grow from seeds. Has many uses as food seasoning and medicinal plant. Powdered dust from the plant sprinkled on plants and the soil will deter many insects. Not because it is toxic, but simply because they do not like its fragrance.
    Once again action on your part. Also insects don’t have noses, they react to scents in a different manner than we do.
    A small leaved perennial herb that has spikes of lavender, fragrant flowers. Ground pennyroyal is one of the most effective tick deterrents available. Dust powder made from the leaves around areas where the pet sleeps and plays.
    Like above, you have to crumble the plants releasing their oils.
    An aromatic tender annual with small pretty flowers and lemony fragrance. An attractive plant that is easy to grow. When planted in the garden close to tomatoes, it not only improves the taste of the tomatoes but deters white flies as well.
    A beautiful aromatic perennial that is hardy to zone 5 and can be raised in tubs in colder climates. The most fragrant lavender. Beautiful lavender flowers on long stems and narrow green leaves. Sow in fall or spring. When planted in the garden, it will deter pests with its fragrance. When dried and placed in closets and drawers with clothes, it will deter moths and lend its wonderful fragrance to the clothes.
    If nothing else, it is pretty.
    A beautiful daisy that is hardy and blooms throughout the spring and summer. It flowerheads is used to make probably the best natural pesticide available.
    Once again you have to crumble the flower heads.
    With a mild climate and a heavy population of dogs and cats, fleas will thrive. If you have pets, they must be treated every month. As for your house, vacuum often and dispose of bag immediately. Wrap in plastic and set in freezer (!) and set in trash only on trash day so they don’t set up housekeeping around your trash container. (yeah, I know, vacuum bag in freezer……..it’s just one option.)

  4. Bandett

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    How to keep bugs especially ants from coming in your home
    By bediane1954, eHow Member
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    A great all natural way to prevent ants and other critters from taking up residence in your home. This really works. It also stops mice from entering the home. Peppermint is something creatures do not like to smell.
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    InstructionsDifficulty: Moderately Easy
    Things You’ll Need:
    Good garden soil
    Peppermint plants or seeds
    Shovel, hoe, or spade
    plant food
    Step1Prepare the edges of your home by digging about a foot from the foundation on the outside. You will probably only have to have plants about a foot a part because peppermint spreads quickly.
    Step2Plant well and use a good outdoor soil. Water with plant food and water. Instructions will be on the box. Cover with soil and press down to avoid air pockets.
    Step3Peppermint will deter ants, roaches, fleas, mice, and other annoying pests. It grows fast and spreads. So when you plant and it begins to spread be sure and share this tip with your neighbor.
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    Tips & Warnings
    You can also make oil from your peppermint by boiling the water with the chopped green leaves. This is great to put in your shampoo to make your hair
    Be sure and keep plant food away from children and pets.
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  5. momonajo

    A lot of great answers here.
    Pennyroyal grows as ground cover and carries oils that both fleas and mosquitoes can’t stand. Also can be potted.
    If they are coming indoors, use salt on the carpet.

  6. Claudia G

    carnivorous plants but u might want to have in containers since they have very special soil needshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnivorous…

  7. BobKat

    Wormwood, aka Artemesia, will repel fleas.
    I had some growing near my front door and the dog would often roll in it. She never had a flea problem.

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