we just moved into our new place and whomever lived here before had animals that had fleas and i keep seeing them. my daughter is crawling now and i need to get some kind of flea spray that i can use and will be safe for my daughter to crawl on the floor again. i don’t have any pet.


  1. meg6070

    There is this carpet powder you can get. Your baby will have to stay off the floor for a few hours depending on the brand it could be up to 24 hours. But all you do is put this powder on the rug and it kills all the fleas and to get rid of it all you have to do is vacuum it up.

  2. Cassyie

    Don’t laugh at this cause it really works…i had the same problem when I became a Mom, and an old man told me to sprinkle salt into the carpet and it drives the fleas out of your house. It works and it settles into the carpet fibers so its safe for the little ones.

  3. mb86_7

    Go to wal-mart and get the safe guard flea spray. When you get it read the back to see if it’s the one that is safe to spray on the floor and animals. That way you can spray it on the floors and your baby while be ok with it. It also gives a good smell to the carpet. I use it on my beds, dogs, and carpets. I really like it

  4. Lisa K

    Keep a bowl of soapy water below a table lamp. The fleas will leap towards the light at night, jump into the water and drown.

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