I’m finding tiny fleas everywhere and they jump on me when I am out in the yard tending to my hens–they are on my chickens too. Thanks!


  1. Ark Lady

    Get some food grade diatomaceous earth and put a layer over the dirt where your chickens take dust baths. It will kill the fleas and won’t hurt the chickens.
    For the yard, use parasitic nematodes–the specific species will target the fleas and continue to work for a while. Just retreat every 2-3 weeks for up to two months.
    If you have a garden cedarwood chips are a great addition that help to keep fleas away.

  2. Bobby

    Get ceder oil spray look it up online its great and wont hurt u ..It kills any bug fast ok i use myself….Cost $75 for a quart but u only need a few oz in water it comes with a hose sprayer…

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