Is it possible to skip it and go to the next level?
Cause my dog already sit, lay, stay, obeys the re-call, heal, and this with voice or hand command, on leash and off leash.


  1. ☼HNC☼

    Just contact the trainer. They’ll probably want you to bring the dog in so that they can evaluate him/her…. and they’ll also want to evaluate the methods that you use, and how you use them. They’ll let you know what they think is appropriate.

  2. Dogs Rules

    Skip level 1 ? From your comment you have already achieved level 1, 2 and 3 !!
    Our human definitions of level – anything – is exactly what you want to define it as. The object of training is to create a bond between the owner/handler (you) and the dog which you both understand and enjoy.
    If you believe that you understand the moods and body language your dog portrays – excited, submissive, happy, hungry, and etc. and your dog acts as if he understands everyone of your emotions what more could you ask for.

  3. Rocky

    I would talk to the trainer I am going through it now for the 2nd time cause my dog was mad it me the day of testing and wouldn’t listen my trainer couldn’t believe it but she still failed us.oh well 2 times is not that bad she shows up the other dogs.

  4. Bonzie12

    Sure if the place where you are taking him will allow it. Some places will only take dogs who have completed the basic course with them first. If he knows the basics, I don’t see why you couldn’t move on up to the second course.

  5. ♥~Purple is so awesome~♥

    just go to it as it will do even better and idk wat they do but it will help if u just go

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