I don’t want to hurt them by telling them I can’t come over but they have a serious flea problem (and also worms) and it looks as though they aren’t going to remedy the situation anytime soon. I have pets also and every time I come back from their place I bring fleas in on my clothes. I DO flea treat my animals, but as you know, fleas lay eggs and nest in carpet and fabrics. What can be done about it?


  1. sexygodd

    now listen to me OK, i have 1 dog and 4 cats and 2 rats and i know how you feel about fleas because i feel the same way as you. But really if they are your friend you should tell them, E.G:
    when you go round there and you see a flea say, i think you have a bug on your chair, then she will come over if she reactes like she didn’t know ay it might be fleas, tell her about treatment and then you are sorted.
    Thats what i did and her and I are still best friends.

  2. Gender Bender

    Sorry but I tell my friends if they have fleas in their homes, because one of my dogs and some of my ferret are highly allergic to fleas

  3. Lady C

    Keep away from ’em.. it’s simple ! You won’t hurt them by telling them so… It’s for your own good!

  4. bubbanuc

    You must tell this friend of yours about the problem. If they aren’t going to remedy the problem like you say, then don’t go over there and tell them why you aren’t coming over anymore. You are a responsible pet owner and you despise “tracking in” fleas from their residence to your own pets and it’s highly unfair to your pets to have this happen to them because someone else couldn’t be arsed to take care of their pets properly.
    Worms and fleas can make pets really sick. One of my cats got really sick from fleas/worms when an inconsiderate moron tracked in fleas to my apartment (my cat was/is an indoor cat and I never left the apartment to any place where there could’ve been fleas, but I know this guy always “dog sat” some dog he didn’t own). It wasn’t fair to him, because he never got outside and it wasn’t his fault that the fleas got to him.
    What can be done about them, these pet owners who won’t treat their pets? A hard word, that’s about it. But as for you, Frontline or something equivalent. Internet lore says HARTZ Flea Control Powder is “bad” for pets, but as I’ve used it for years and have never had any problems with it. If you don’t want to put it on the pet, put it into the carpet (though HARTZ does make a carpet flea powder solution, too). It will kill the fleas/flea eggs if you really grind it in there/let it settle.

  5. cloudy

    you should tell them. they may be embarrassed but they need to realize that it is really unhealthy for their pets. my daughter had a similar situation and the friend got angry , but they did get the situation taken care of.

  6. gemstone

    Do they actually KNOW they have a flea and worm problem, if so they are being cruel to there pets by not sorting them out.
    You have two options:
    1. Don’t go round there any more, and either
    a. Tell them why and say you will only come round once they have sorted out the flea and worm problem.
    b. Think up some other reason
    2. Keep going round there and
    a. Continue to not say anything
    b. Tell them, either make a ‘scene’ of destroying a flea or just come out with it.

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