I put Hartz UltraGuard plus on both my dogs and cats a couple weeks ago, and it’s done NOTHING to help with their fleas. What products do you use that will do a better job?


  1. Chalice

    You’re dead right – Hartz is useless! Please spread the word! It has also caused a lot of deaths.
    Many pet store flea products are dangerous – and none work. The reason for this is that pet stores aren’t licensed to sell the proper chemicals for flea treatment – anything you find in store is just going to be a basic pesticide that you can’t expect to work, including Hartz – and Adams, and Biospot.
    You can only find proper, safe flea treatments that work at vets; Frontline, Revolution, Advantage or Advocate. Please go and get some. You will probably have to spray your house as well, since this is where most of the fleas are living. Again, get something from a vets, not a pet store.
    EDIT: DEFINITELY don’t waste your time/money with a flea collar – most useless things in the world!

  2. ઈтєlly

    Go to the vet and get Frontline. Also put a flea collar on them. Good luck, fleas are nasty lil vermin!

  3. Animal Magic

    Dogs and cats usually get fleas from being outside too much during flea season, from other dogs, or not having enough baths. I would reccoment Frontline Plus, which you can get from your vet, or Revolution, which uses a once a month application. You could also use a flea comb, but you have to take out the fleas manually using it. A flea collar is not good for your dogs, because it can cause hair loss, dry skin, and different skin dermatitises.
    Flea dips are another option. The dog just has to be placed in a bathtub and covered with the liquid, just don’t get any near the face or head. They are usually effective products.
    You could also give your dogs a bath. Be careful though, and do not give your dogs too many baths, or the natural oil in the coat will be washed away, and the hair and skin will be dry and brittle. Fleas will not be eliminated by giving your dog a bath while the fleas are still there. They will be prevented once your dog is flea free and given a bath.
    Here’s another tip: do not go to the park where there are lots of other dogs, because your dogs can give them fleas. Also, make sure that you clean your dogs bedding and soft toys to get rid of any extra fleas.
    Hope you get rid of your dogs fleas!

  4. Free Golf Tips

    Well the only thing i can tell you to do for your cat is to take it to the vet to get a flea dip…..But for your dogs the beat thing I found is BATH. and plenty of them…my dog was infested last year, he got a bath with flea soap once a day for 2 weeks. At first he didn’t like it,, but after a few baths he started looking foward to them i think….Then bath the dogs once or twice a month after that. If you make it like your playing a game they and you will not mind it to much.

  5. grinninh

    Frontline for the dogs and Advantage multi for the cats.
    There are other products like Advantix and Revolution.
    Hartz,Sargeants,BioSpot and dips do more harm then good and aren’t worth the cost.
    Safe effective treatment comes at a cost but so does an infestation.
    Be sure to get your protection from a vet. Otherwise it will not be guarenteed!

  6. nickie g

    yes to frontline for dogs, revolution for cats…a big NO to flea dips, flea collars, drugstore type prevention/treatment (Hartz, etc) that stuff is poison for animals and most people dont know that. 🙂

  7. Dolly

    Go to the vets office and they have a three month program that you use, sometimes you won’t need the whole three months, depending on where you live. It is the stuff you squirt and massage into right behind the head on the top of the neck. After one day, you can give them a bath, shampoo your carpets and vacuum the rugs and floors and do this every day, the vacuuming that is. Empty the vacuum outdoors and don’t forget to treat them for tape worms, every cat or dog that had fleas, gets tape worms. It is only 3 pills. Give one a day, break them up if they are too big. Wash everything in the house, shampoo even the furniture and don’t let the cats outdoors, they will get reinfected with the fleas! Hartz products are not any good, not for anything, flea collars are worthless and fleas breed under them! Good Luck!!! Lay inaecticide in your yard and be careful not to bring it in the house, it is dangerous to pets and children.

  8. highej20

    frontline, I found it at tractor supply co, it is cheaper than going to the vet about 45.00 dollars. (3 month supply)
    flea collars do not work

  9. Zelda Hunter

    My Blog Entry for September 20, 2007 could br your deflea program:
    What to do for Itchy and Scratchy !
    My very long and thorough blurb about fleas. This can work for both cats and dogs.
    PART ONE – Treat your pets:
    Advantage and Frontline spot treatments both work well, but each works only on a certain type of flea. All the other flea collars out there are useless or dangerous. Call your vet to find out which of these two works best in your area.
    You need to bathe your pet first. Shampoo her (him) with Dawn dishwashing liquid and leave the soapy lather on for 5-7 minutes. Be careful not to get any of it in your pets’ eyes. Rinse them thoroughly. Only when they are completely dry can you apply the drops. Never use flea sprays or powders or any other insecticidal products on your animals.
    Even after you have treated your home (PART TWO below), you’ll have to comb your pets out every day with a flea comb (these are cheap), as new fleas will continue to hatch out for a month from your carpet. Your set-up will be: the flea comb, a zip lock baggie, a lint roller. As you comb out each dog or cat, stick the hair, dirt and fleas to sheets of the lint roller. When you catch a flea, quickly behead him with the flea comb, so he cannot wiggle free. Dispose of the lint sheets in the ziplock bag, and to be safe put it into a second ziplock baggie. Go on to the next animal. You’ll know it when your pets are becoming cleaner. At the worst phase you’ll need to do this every day or twice a day for each pet. After the fleas are gone, you should still groom your pet on a regular basis, so take out that flea comb twice a month and see if fleas are returning.
    PART TWO – Treat your home: Do not call a pest control service. They put down some dangerous chemicals, and spray some, mostly without any consideration for the safety of you and your pets (birds are especially vulnerable to all kinds of chemicals). You do not want any chemical residue left in your home, do you?
    Go to Home Depot, Lowes or your neighborhood hardware store and get “foggers” or “fog bombs” of the strongest type you can. (This absolutely needs to be done by a responsible adult who can read English the instructions well). You’re going to have to fog your home at least twice. But one fogger for each 1000 square feet of your home – for each session. So if you have 3000 square feet, buy 6 foggers. Be prepared to evacuate all animals and people from the house for the duration of the fogger plus 2 hours. Prepare carefully, according to instructions (cover food prep areas, put food away, turn off electricity and pilot lights, etc.) Everyone and al animals (including fish) must leave. Then set up your foggers and set them off according to a plan, which will leave the door you exit from last. When the time is up, you’ll need to come back in the house to open all the windows, and put on the fan, to let the air out of the house. Ventillate for 1-2 hours this way. Don’t let anyone in before this has finished. Fog again in 2 weeks. (You are lucky if you can do this during the summer months!)
    PART THREE – more house preparation: If you have a fair amount of carpet, this is not going to be enough to get rid of your fleas if they have started to occupy your home. All carpet must be washed thoroughly and vacuumed. If you have orientals, send them out for cleaning. (Don’t forget the cat tree and doggie beds!)
    This is the worst part: Even after the carpets have been washed thoroughly and professionally, fleas may still hatch out. You’ll need to vacuum the entire carpeted area of the house every day. Each day, immediately after the vacuuming is finished – remove your vacuum bag, seal it in double layer of plastic ziplock bags, and put in a new bag.
    If you can buy (either on the Internet or at your vet) some spray Frontline or Advantage, put a tiny bit on a sponge and lightly rub it into some problem carpet areas. Also, you can treat a room that is isolated with carpet, by rubbing a mixture of table salt and Borax (1:1) into it, waiting 7-10 days, then vacuuming it up thoroughly.
    I’m sorry to tell you all this, but you’ll probably have excellent controll of all fleas within a month. You’re going to think “My life is fleas!” But, this will pass and your pets will be flea-free and healthy.
    PART FOUR – avoiding reinfestation: Make sure your animals get their treatment every month. We use Frontline and it is very expensive, but if we had 5 cats or dogs I would definitely use the spray which can be ordered over the Internet (one squirt to the back of the neck skin) to save money. Comb them at least once a week after the fleas have passed, and keep a close eye on the situation. For long haired cats and dogs, you can get them trimmed to a shorted more maneagable hair length while you are going through this.

  10. stulisa4

    Flea collars do not work, and can be dangerous ecspecially to cats.
    Department store drops for the neck do not work, and again, can be dangerous even deadly to cats (ecspecially Hartz)
    Good flea sprays will kill fleas, if you get it directly on them (Adams is best) but will not help with a bad infestation in your home.
    Frontline is good for fleas and ticks, but WILL NOT keep up with a heavy infestation on your pets or in your home.
    Washing everything in your house for a month, plus spray,plus foggers,plus flea collars ,,,etc. etc are a waste of your time and money, and will not work completely. You will think it has worked for a month or two, then it all starts over again.
    You need Advantage for the cats, and Advantix for the dogs. If you put this on you will have no fleas on your animals in a day, and no fleas in your house after about a week. This is not a “it works for me, but may not work for you” thing. We have suggested this method to hundreds of customers over the years, and it works for everyone. Not one person has said that it did not work. Not one person had to go through days and weeks of fogging,washing etc.
    If you order it online, it is not very expensive. I order mine from http://www.fsd.com, for about 10.00 per tube period. No shipping cost at all. It is the genuine product (had to say that before someone said it was fake) and I am in no way affiliated with this company, it’s just the one I found that was least expensive.
    Since Hartz doesn’t penetrate the skin, but stays in the hair folicles, you can thoroughly wash all of the animals, and it will be safe to apply something else without waiting 2 or 3 weeks for this to wear off.

  11. Debi

    Go to the vet and ask for a bottle of frontline spray ( it can be used on both cats and dogs and works out cheaper than buying the individual tubes, you will need to read the dosage instructions though.
    I get the 500ml bottle for around £50 and it treats my 13 cats and 2 dogs, the bottle lasts around 12 months for us.
    It may seem like a lot of money but it works out cheaper than buying multiple loads of petshop rubbish that never seems to work.

  12. topcat1

    The only thing that TRULY works is Frontline. It may be more expensive but it works. It’s not available in shops, only the vet or on the internet. If you buy it from the internet make sure it’s genuine and not a fake. You shouldn’t use a flea collar or any other flea product on the cat at the same time, but you won’t need to – it’s brilliant.
    You can also buy a spray for furniture/bedding if you need to, from the vet or local pet shop.
    There’s a flea product called Hartz advanced care flea & tick drops plus. The Environmental Agency investigated this product and insisted that Hartz cease production over concerns that it was linked to hair loss, tremors, salivation and death. I am not sure whether it is still in production in the UK or other countries but if it is, you should not buy it. See http://www.hartzvictims.org or geocities.com/againsthartz. You can also read about it on http://www.medicalnewstoday.com
    Hartz products do penetrate the skin. Washing in luke warm soapy water can help to remove some of the product, but you shouldn’t use anything else on top until the recommended period on the packet/container is over.
    Frontline really is the best, as the other responses on here testify!

  13. Parsnip2

    For cats you can buy flea collars and they usually have a shampoo for dogs you can get these from any good pet stores. chandlers, etc.

  14. k-rozz

    shrugs..forget hartz (dont like to badmouth companies sorry)..get them on frontline or advantage…revolution is good for cats,but you need a vet checkup before getting this (revolution also kills internal parasites and can only be gotten through the vet)i always say fleas must be gotten rid of the same way you do with head lice(the only difference between head lice and fleas -head lice crawls ,fleas jump)…take care of the whole house this means treating clothes,beds,curtains upholstry ,carpet and in this case outside ,also use a flea comb on your animals every day to get rid of any existing fleas …you said you just used hartz…so dont put anything on your animals until the hartz product is done.flea collars dont work and flea shampoo is okay but ONLY as long as you are not using some other chemicals to stop the fleas because overdosing your pet can cause some serious health problems including death.also consider using a flea fogger in your rooms make sure your animals are away from the house,any live plants must be removed and fish tanks must be covered with towels.to insure the chemical dont contaminate the tanks.follow the foggers instructions carefully…

  15. ziggy_br

    Try Adams Flea and Tick mist. Available at the vet and some feed stores. I use it on my pets and the fleas bail off them.

  16. snoopy

    you must treat the whole house and all your pets bedding and your pets all at the same time, my 2 cats and 1 dog get no flea treatments, i put fresh mint in the garden and in their beds and bug bomb the house every few months and they are fine, however i may live in a low flea area, any way, mint works really well to deter fleas, i dont have any recommend products as i am unfamiliar with those in your area, but frountline is what we would use here, also my dog never gets bathed, she is an outside dog and has clean bedding, she smells great and we often get comments about how good she smells, must be the mint, good luck

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