I have a 1 year old cat and i just got a new kittne and my last one never had fleas or ticks so can i use hydrogen peroxide or dish soap or what?


  1. Sitegrinder

    wash the kitten carstile soap it cleans every thing. and then get some fresh rosmary soak in boiling water when its cool rub onto the kitten and leave on. i use this method with my cat, the last time i done it was 6 mths ago an she has not gotten a single flea even with other cats hanging around.

  2. mindyeri

    Use liquid dish soap. It is safe, my mother used to work for a vet and this is what they always recommended. Most products are way too harsh for a kitten, and even kitten shampoo usually says not to use on 6 week old kittens.
    When you bathe them in dish soap, you have to leave it on them long enough to drown the fleas. The kittens aren’t going to love this, as I’m sure you know. Also, dish soap will not prevent more fleas from coming, so this is something you may have to deal with until they are old enough to use chemicals on safely.
    Once the bath is over, check them over and pick off as many of the dying fleas as possible, and flush them. Be sure to keep the babies warm! Good luck!

  3. teeth whitening london

    how ridiculous! you cant use dish soap on a pet! this would burn him, but not cure your problem. there isnt much household things that will do what you want them to… you need to buy some cat/kitten shampoo from the pet store and bath your kitty in that, in WARM not hot water. you have to be very careful what you put on a can as they lick it off and a lot of things can be toxic. go to the pet store and ask them, they will have a range of products for fleas and ticks! goodluck with it and please keep away from the dish soap!

  4. Sapphire

    Use Dawn dish soap and warm water. It kills the fleas on contact. It will NOT hurt or burn the animals at all. Just make sure to keep it away from their eyes. After you have given the kitten it’s bath, rinse it off really good with warm water and then towel dry it very good.
    Stop and think about the dish soap, does it burn you when you use it, it sure don’t me. My animals never make a sound when I am giving them a bath. If it burned or hurt them they would be making a sound. A vet even told me that it wouldn’t hurt them.
    I have kittens that are less than 6 weeks old that I bathed them in Dawn dish soap because they were covered in fleas. They have no fleas now.

  5. Kibara

    Dawn is safe, while those shampoos you buy in pet stores might not be safe until they are older. I am not sure how old they have to be to use Frontline. I think it’s 6 months at least or older. We waited until the kitties were about 8 months old before using Frontline. By then the fleas were well established in the house. Dawn does kill fleas. Be sure to rinse well and not get it in their eyes. There’s also a powder with neem made by Buck Mountain Botanicals. It doesn’t seem to help much, even though it’s safe for them.

  6. cdgoats

    Young kittens can be very sensitive to chemicals,….like flea and tick sprays and shampoos. For very little $ you can buy a flea comb,…comb your kitten and flick the fleas into a dish of soapy water. The soap traps them,…then flush them away down the commode.

  7. towanda6

    Only use proper vet medication for fleas. Hydrogen peroxide will not work, and is irritating to a cats skin. Frontline Plus is the best med I’ve found, because it kills the fleas in all 3 life stages, egg, larvae, and adult.

  8. boulderg

    I don’t know about house hold items but if I were you I would just go to the pet store and buy some flea and tick shampoo. It’s not that expensive and you don’t have to go to the vet or anything.

  9. Becs

    ONLY bathe your pet with special shampoo from the pet store! Go to Petco and get some flea and tick ointment and special shampoo. DO NOT USE DISH SOAP!

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