I am only allowed to get a dog that is easy to train, obedient, kind, and gentle as a puppy and adult and can’t shed too much. what is a good dog?


  1. Ann G

    A poodle, hands down. One of the smartest and most willing dogs ever! A well-bred poodle will be gentle and kind his entire life. They are really underrated as a breed. Must be the show haircut…
    They come in three sizes. I like the miniature (10-15 inches, about the size of a beagle, best)

  2. O How The Tables Have Turned!

    golden retriver they only shed if u dont brush them and they are loyal easy 2 train gentle with any human. they do need alot of excercise and they may shed a little bit but i have 1 and they are so loyal and sweet 2 their owners they are even rankes #4 in the smartest dog list u could also try a border collie they rank #he smartest dogs list

  3. ♫♪~♥ Kitty Lover ♥~♪♫

    I’m looking into getting a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Look them up, they are a nice size dog (about 30-40 lbs) and stay puppy-like into adulthood. And they don’t shed. Sounds like it could be a fit for you.

  4. Happy Turkey Day!

    from my experience.. poodles.. they are ranked at #2 on the intelligence list.
    They are very easy to train and eager to please.. if properly socialized, they are not aggressive at all. They are also low-shedders.

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