We have a 10 week old kitten we got from a farm. He is infested with fleas so bad that at times he cries from it. The vet gave us some Frontline Spray for Kittens, but it did not work. I have tried slicing lemons putting them into boiling water and letting it sit, then sponging over him, but it hardly does much of anything. What else can I try?


  1. redd_rvt

    Wonder drug. One pill will make them drop off of him in 30 minutes. Great stuff! Safe for kitten that age and at least 2 lbs.
    Can be given every day.
    Revolution is a good monthly topical flea control for cats and kitten as young as 6 weeks old.
    You can also bathe him with baby shampoo. The shampooing itself will help get the fleas, fleas dirt and eggs off him. But Capstar works really well at killing the adult fleas.
    You will also need to vacuum and treat anywhere the cat has been. Flea eggs live in the carpets, floors, bedding, etc. If you get rid of the adults and don’t get the eggs in 3 weeks you will have more fleas.
    You need to treat any other pet in the house for fleas too.

  2. JeN

    Use Frontline every 4 weeks, and flea baths once a week (no more often, due to his age) until the fleas are eradicated. Unfortunately, even though the Frontline does kill any flea that jumps on the kitten, eggs hatch and fleas from the environment continually jump on him until they all die from the treatment. It is not a repellent, only a flea killer.
    Continue treatments without fail and you will find before long that your home and yard are flea-free, and so shall be your cat. 🙂

  3. Classy Granny

    go back to the vet and ask for Advtange. Starts Killing fleas the moment you apply it.

  4. oreoboot

    Try to find a flea repellent like I had to with ants first ,
    first of all your cat will continue licking themselves and cleaning and grooming ,they will be ingesting any poison or toxin used to eradicate the fleas, the vet can get a flea treatment , takes about a month you can kill fleas but the eggs are still there , the treatment sterilizes the unborn fleas, get it from a vet and bring the weight of your pet along too , immediate control is nice but the flea cycle is about a month long and has 3 or 4 different stages , do not use hartzâ„¢ products on your pet unless you really want to see it convulse and possibly die from the nervous system damage,
    When I had them ants in my catfood I used Johnsons baby powder to dry em up took about a week , they all dried up and died, ants are really tough to get rid ofhttp://www.hartzvictims.org/

  5. Reena S

    The safest and cheapest method of getting rid of fleas is to use a mixture of boric acid and salt. The powder should be sprayed on carpets, bedding and areas frequented by pets. More information on getting rid of fleas is available at http://pests.in/fleas.html

  6. r b

    i used a product made by ADAMS.. they use blue bottles for their products. got it at pet supplies plus. but should be able to get at petco, etc.

  7. Funny Fart Videos

    you need to give him a full fledged bath…dont use flea soap or anything just cat soap or a gentle soap and i also heard dawn dish soap is good …let him soak in the water while you are holding him the fleas will drown, but be aware that the fleas will run towards his face and ears which you can use a washcloth to keep his face and ears clean…it may take several baths to get them all but dont let him run around the house until you have all the fleas gone…you can use a small comb to make sure you have them all…good luck im glad you are doing this because the fleas are biting him and sucking his blood which could make him anemic and he could die…

  8. Kiya

    go to the vets and get advantage for cats.
    it is expensive, but it works so well!
    i used it on my cats, and they were flea free within a day!
    he’ll feel better 🙂

  9. Becca

    To the person that said to drown the fleas….that will NOT work at all and the stress you will be causing your cat is NOT worth it!! After you bathe your cat the fleas will jump right back on, you need Frontline PLUS that kills all cycles of the flea life and is works for 6 weeks at at time. The Frontline top spot is useless that just kills the adult fleas and does NOTHING for the cycle. Make sure on your bed and couches sprinkle table salt before vaccuming them because that will break loose the eggs that have been laid there. Vaccume your carpets and put a flea coller in the vaccume either in the bag or canister that will be picking up the fleas and eggs then PROMPTLY place in a plastic bag tie it and take OUTSIDE to your trash. Fleas are not hard to deal with if your armed with the right info and if you take proper action. Yes it can be costly but its worth it if you take action now and then keep up with a monthly dose of Frontline PLUS. Advantage is not a good product its alot of hype and not alot of action, Bio Spot should only find one spot and that is to stay on the store shelf!! It is the most useless product I have ever used! Revolution is awesome but expencive!! Anything you buy from Walmart like Hartz…Adams etc. is not good for your pet and containes alot of fillers in it and you will still have fleas. The best place I have found to buy my flea control is Thrifty Vet pull it up on line they do have the best prices that I have found but if someone knows of a better place please let me know!! One more thing…I also saw someone was worried about the cat licking and grooming themselves and ingesting the treatment…if you apply between the shoulder blades and make sure you do and only apply it directly on the SKIN not just on the top of the hair the cat won’t be able to reach it, the treatment soaks in to the skin. I hope this helps everyone out:)

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