My family just adopted a stray cat, however, he seems to have brought fleas along with him. I am looking for a non-chemical way to get rid of any fleas he may be bringing inside with him, as well as getting rid of them on the cat himself.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  1. BT CVT

    Good luck with that. There are several natural applications, however they are not very effective, in your home or on your cat. You can bathe your cat with a regular pet shampoo, but that will only get rid of any adults, not the eggs. Then those eggs will hatch, they’ll pretty much immediately lay more eggs, and then you’ll have fleas again.
    I recommend Frontline for the topical treatment on your cat. I use it on mine. The benefit with Frontline is that is also helps kill fleas in the house. This may sound gross, but as your cats dead skin cells leave his body and drop onto your floor or his bedding, any fleas that are living in the house will have a wonderful feast, but they are unaware that the drug (fipronil is the main ingredient in Frontline) will kill the fleas.
    For the house, you could probably just use a regular shampooing of your carpet, but vacuuming is also a huge key when getting rid of fleas. Vacuum daily!!!!
    If you choose to go with Frontline, you will only be able to get it at a vet, some of them may recommend that they see your cat before you can get it. I recommend using the Frontline for at least 6 full months – it’s a once a month topical application on your cat. Spread the hair so you can at least see a little bit of your cats skin, then place the entire contents of one vial high up on the back of the neck (so the cat can’t lick at it). Yes, it is technically a pesticide, and your kitty can have a reaction to it, but those affects are not often seen. I’ve actually in my 7 years of experience never seen a cat come in with a reaction with Frontline.
    What ever you do though, DO NOT USE HARTZ PRODUCTS!!!! Those are grocery store bought and a few years ago have killed dogs and cats. That stuff is bad!

  2. WP Robot Wordpress Autoposter

    Many anti-flea preparations, such as shampoos, sprays and powders are available from veterinary offices and pet stores. You will want to treat both your cat and your home.. Sprays that are designed to be long lasting are the best bet for ridding your home of fleas but before using the spray, vacuum all carpeting, drapes, mattresses and upholstered furniture making sure that you vacuum underneath the furniture. Vacuum and then wash your cat’s bedding in very hot water.
    Before you start, pop a mothball into the cleaner bag and when you are satisfied that you have vacuumed thoroughly seal the cleaner bag in a plastic bag and dispose of it outside.
    If you are opposed to the use of chemicals, fill a shallow bowl with sudsy water and stand a safety candle (night light) just above it. Alternatively use a battery light. In the dark fleas will jump at the light, fall into the water and drown. This will work but you will need at the least one for each room, and you may not get every last one of the fleas.
    If your cat is allowed into your garden keep your lawn cut and free of weeds. The larvae of fleas love a humid environment and hate sunlight. Remove any piles of leaves or earth from your cat’s territory.
    Ask your veterinarian about treatment for your cat. One of the most effective treatments is a parasiticide that is applied to a small area at the back of the neck. There are products that control fleas by preventing them from reproducing.

  3. girlschi

    vinegar and water helps with fleas plus any smells your cat may have there also a flea spray called adams that i use on all my is non toxic and can be used on even babies. don’t spray the cst put s little on cotton balls and wipe them

  4. kittycra

    There is no natural way to be flea free the best thing to get is Advantage it kills fleas in a day.It works wonderfully

  5. Alan

    Since you already have an infestation it will require a lot more work if you do not want to use pesticide based products.

    First of all clean your entire house, pay special attention to dark damp spaces and carpets. Fleas love to lay their eggs there.

    Spray the entire house with peppermint. Just boil fresh peppermint, leaves and stems, in water.

    Bathe your cat in dish soap, baby shampoo, or cat shampoo. I use anti-itch shampoo to help with the scratching and repair the skin.

    Comb your cat with a flea comb. Pay careful attention to around the ears, and the base of the tail.

    Spray cat with peppermint spray.

    Continue spraying house regularly, bath and spray your cat as well. You might also want to at brewer’s yeast to your cat’s food. If makes your cat’s blood taste bad to fleas it also has health benefits. About a half a tea spoon a day. Watch your cat carefully for any adverse reaction since a small percentage of cat’s can be allergic and will develop a red rash.

    No matter what you do keep an eye on your cat to make sure they are not having an adverse reaction to your treatment choices, and NEVER USE ANYTHING MEANT FOR DOGS!!!

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