I put Frontline on all my pets now I need to know what is the safest way for me to kill the fleas in my house. I don’t want to use anything toxic or with bad fumes because I’m pregnant. I had read somewhere that Borax laundry detergent on the carpet kills fleas – does anyone know if this or any other home remedies work? Or any non-toxic products I can buy?


  1. seeme199

    Yes Borax works. Sprinkle it onto the carpet and in the cracks of the furniture. Sweep it into the carpet with a broom, then leave it over night. Vaccum up the next morning.

  2. askmewha…

    I know you can buy sprays that you release in the house . You would have to shut all windows and doors and live some place else for a day. You couldn’t leave the dogs in the house either. This stuff is supposed to kill all types of bugs,spiders, flies and fleas. You can buy it at the Hardware store . Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of it. It is just refereed to as a house pest bomb.
    Your best bet is to call a exterminator the cost shouldn’t be that much and they should be able to do the job without harm to any one or thing.
    Sorry I can’t tell you a better way.

  3. George R

    I say go stay in a hotel and have the exterminator do it for you so you dont harm the baby. Or if it concerns your dogs then go to the vet and have the vet do it for you. good luck

  4. Renee T

    bomb the house while you r gone then open the windows and air it out wash the dogs with flea shampoo before you let them in the house my sister had the same prob when she was preggo

  5. privacy window film

    If you use Frontline or Advantage, you do not need to treat the house, as long as you continue to apply the treatment to the pets. It kills all the fleas that bite, and all new hatchlings are going to find the pets to feed.

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