I have tried everything that I can think of to get rid of the ticks and fleas on my dogs.


  1. Peekablu

    The best product for fleas and ticks is Frontline Plus. If you’ve bathed your dog, you should wait at least 24 hours before applying it, though.

  2. sally m

    maybe you should try vinegar mix it with a little water not to much but thats what my mom puts on her for fleas and misqotes it might stink but it works on her

  3. gina

    The best thing you can do to start is use DAWN dishwashing soap. Dry bath a dog in Dawn (Do not wet the hair) Put cotton balls in the dogs ears and an Artificial Tears in its eyes prior to bathing so the dog does not get an ear infection or its eyes irratated.
    Regular strength works – you dont need Ultra concentrated or anything. Soap up the dog while it is still dry….. leave on for 10 minutes, so be prepared to have your canine sitting in the tub for awhile – talking gently and encouraging words will be needed. After ten minutes you can rinse and rinse and rinse until all the soap is out. Repeat the washing allowing only 3 mintues to stand. (The repeat washing is because now that the fleas and ticks have been suffocated you must wash them out of the hair. The extra 3 minutes is to ensure they all are dead!)
    Be sure to rinse until ALL the soap is out…this could take some time but if you leave the soap in the hair you will dry it out and it will get gunky with the oil from the dogs skin.
    If after the dog is dry you want to spend the money for Frontline or Advantage – they are good products. But to be honest if you wash your dog regularly with Dawn Dishwashing Soap you will not need the other high priced items.
    Be sure your dog has been vaccinated for Lyme disease since you appear to have a tick problem. And don’t forget the heart worm preventative!!
    As far as getting rid of all the fleas….unfortunately the fleas are still out there – whether in the yard or in your house, wherever the dog has been. So you need to treat outside with Dawn soap as well ( just place a couple of skirts in a pale and add hot water – then pour over your dogs area. It will not hurt the grass but will get rid of ALL bugs)and you will have to call an exterminator for any inside as the on the market flea killers do not really work.

  4. powerann

    frontline. Put one drop on their skin, and they are good for a month. Also, fleas and ticks die when they try to take a bite.

  5. connie sue

    front line ..put between shoulder blades on dog if you use a flea coller it will only protect his head!

  6. severina

    Definitely Frontline from the vet. It’s around $13 and it works great! Don’t trust the crap you can buy from regular stores. They’re just Frontline-wanna-be’s, and flea collars don’t work.

  7. simplemi

    I use Frontline.
    Put it between their shoulder blades at the base of their neck and also at the base of their tail bone.
    Good for a whole month.
    Our beagle would get them bad and now we hardly ever see any.
    Advantage is also good.
    Do NOT use the ones in the stores, they are not good as they have been watered down and the chemical that kills the ticks and fleas don’t work.
    Always, get Frontline or Advantage from the Vets.
    Is not too expensive if buying the 3 or 6 month cycle.

  8. yonae12

    I don’t know if you have tried this but a good two pronged approach would be Sentinel (stops hatching of eggs) and Frontline. Frontline chemically will kill the fleas and ticks while Sentinel (prescription from vet) will stop the flea cycle at a blood level by inhibiting the fleas DNA from the blood they suck. If the adults can’t produce eggs you have the battle half won.
    Bathing them up to their necks in water will kill a few of them too (I’m sure you have already tried this one).

  9. mama woof

    Use Frontline. It is worth every penny you spend. If you have fleas in your house, sprinkle borax all over the floors and carpets. It will kill them within a day and works for about 3 months. You can buy it in the laundry section of the store. Then use Frontline on your dog so you won’t get them again.

  10. ladylaur

    I use my black lab for hunting so he’s in the woods constantly, I’ve found frontline plus to be the best (petmeds.com), if that doesnt work consult your vet

  11. my opinion is

    did you try frontline plus? it’s expensive, but it works great. Anyhow. Animal Planet spraying rubbing alcohol on the dog with a spray bottle.

  12. character education

    I have always used “Frontline”, its very good for ticks and fleas. I spray my yorkie once every month, depending if I take her out to the park, where ticks actually breed in grass and fleas come from birds or sand. So before we go out and I allow her to run free, I spray her with Frontline and it works, to date with all my animals including my little one, I havent had the problem with ticks and fleas.
    Frontline is also very good for sensitive skins, and pups too. My vet has always recommended it, as I give it thumbs up!

  13. Dog Lover

    It depends on where you live and what risk factors are involved. Advantage and Frontline are excellent choices. I use a product called BioSpot, works really well for my area. The primary issue with this product is toxicity to felines.

  14. Scorp

    Here is a great reference tool from DogChannel.com for fleas, ticks and heartworm prevention and control. See the reference link and there are 10 pages of articles.

  15. Question

    Try mixing vinegar with dog shampoo.
    Like head lice, Ticks and fleas hate the smell of vinegar and it might kill them.
    It worked for my dog.

  16. Shannon

    I use skin so soft from Avon it works on flies and misquitos I put it in the bath water and rinse real well and to reapply I put it in a spray bottle with water I use a 50/50 mix It works great and they smell great too!! I also use it on the kids and the cat…lol

  17. Healthcare Reform NOW!

    the best is products from your local veterinary clinic. But what most people don’t realize is that you must also treat your home. Your carpet and your furniture . Even your car if you pet rides in your car and your car has fabric upolstry . You can get some really good products that work from your vet to reat your home with.

  18. Ashley P

    If your dog is old enough then use frontline after bathing it in flea and tick shampoo. If you don’t want to go out of your way use Antibacterial soap on the dog. It has a chemical that kills lipids (which flea eggs are made of).

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