Hi yahoo answer can anyone suggest me some best books for dog training and also please mention some of the programs for make my dog as service dog…


  1. Bitto

    Secrets To Dog Training—Complete training guide for puppies through to older dogs. It covers over-aggression, chewing, barking, digging, crate training, house training, biting/nipping, separation anxiety, fighting between dogs, commands/tricks, selecting and raising a new puppy & more. Many of the training techniques are non-physical & teach dog owners how to understand & communicate with their dogs effectively. Written by Daniel Stevens a professional dog trainer.

  2. Diana

    Anything at all by Patricia McConnell, Suzanne Clothier, Pat Miller or Ian Dunbar would be an excellent choice. Brenda Aloff’s book “Get Connected With your Dog” would improve anyone’s relationship with their dog. “Purely Positive Training” by Sheila Booth is also a great book.
    There’s many out there, some of them are for specific problems – way too many to mention.You can get them for half price at http://www.helpwithdogs.info
    Good lucky hunny

  3. Best Smartphone Software

    Frankly, few dogs are suited to become service dogs, so your chances are slim that even an expert trainer could turn your pet into one. Training typically takes 18 to 24 months and requires more skill than you can learn from reading a book. Expect to hire a professional trainer to work with you or at least spend those two years attending dog training classes.
    If you want a service dog you are better off applying for one already trained from a program than trying to get your pet trained.http://servicedogcentral.org/content/nod…

  4. Dale A

    I like “How to teach a new dog old tricks” as a start, the dog training for dummines isn’t bad either.

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