Dog Problems (Howell Reference Books) (Paperback)
by Carol Lea Benjamin
The Perfect Puppy (How to Choose Your Dog By Its Behavior) by Benjamin and Lynette Hart
Second-Hand Dog: How to Turn Yours into a First-Rate Pet (Howell Reference Books) by Carol Lea Benjamin
Any of the Dog Training for Dummies books!


  1. Molk

    I don’t care for Carol Lea Benjamin’s training books. I like her fiction, though.
    I prefer Patricia McConnell : “Family Friendly Dog Training, a Six Week Program”
    Benjamin is way out of step with the latest studies and advances in training. In her day she was the top of the line, but she hasn’t progressed with all the information people are learning now about dogs. Patricia McConnell is one of the movers and shakers when it comes to the study of the domestic canid.

  2. Wordpress Plugins

    Every dog is different. You know yourself, your dog and your mutual requirements better than anybody else. So the best training “book” is your own experience and discretion.

  3. Jilvic

    Caser’s Way by Caser Millan.
    This is not an actual dog training book, but if you can do what they said, controlling and training your dog would be very easy.

  4. Dogs Mom

    the best dog training book that i would reccomend is one that is wrote about your particular type of dog these can usealy be found in most pet stores such as petsmart all books give you the basics but when you get one that is written for the breed you have you learn so much more about that breed beyond potty training and you also get a chance to really learn about the dog as a whole might i suggest that id you dont already own a dog then go to your local libary and research the types of dogs your intrested in before getting a dog learn befor you get burned is my motto before i get a dog i read everything i can get my eyes and hands on and it dont stop there i continue to read and take advice knowledge is power

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