i went to Petco to get flea medicine for my pomeranian. i asked someone who worked there what would work best and she recommended Biospot. i put it on him and it seemed to work for like a week. but now he’s still scratching. and i found a flea on the rug, on my bed and on a towel. i don’t want fleas to suck my dogs blood!


  1. SunLove

    We have a 65lb. dog as well as a small 12lb. dog. They are both on Frontline Plus. It’s very simple, just select the medicine for the correct size dog (says right on the package the weight range). Apply to the top of the dog (between shoulders) and you’re done. Read the instructions on bathing before/after the application as well as the time frame for when you will need to apply the medication again. Frontline kills fleas (and ticks) that the dog may have on them as well as guards against future outbreaks. We just bought a 3 pack at Costco for a better price than any of the vets!
    Fleas in the house is much harder than fleas on your pet. To get rid of fleas in the house you can use a fogger (read the box…you’ll probably need 1 for every room). For this you’ll need to remove yourself and all animals (even fish) from the home for a number of hours while the fogger goes to work. I suggest washing all linens that are out in the open as well as all dishes, etc. in the kitchen afterward. There’s also a product called Fleabusters. I’ve never had to use a flea killer before (knock on wood) but a friend used Fleabusters and she said it worked really well. She had a small apartment so it wasn’t too bad but she said she would never use it on a large house. You have to vacuum before and after the process. It’s a powder that you put EVERYWHERE (carpet, couch, chairs) – you have to go through and scrub it into all of the carpets and wash all of your linens. Personally, I would probably use the fogger over the powder, but the powder is better for the enviroment.
    Good luck and once you kill all the fleas (indoor and on your dog) stick to the routine to keep your dog flea free because those guys can carry a lot of nasty germs. If your dog is flea free…your house should be too (but fleas can still come into the house without being on the dog so just keep the dog on the meds and clean and keep an eye out for any future bugs!

  2. Heavy Metal Bands

    Awee!! I have apomeranian too! His name is Hollywood. Anyhow, in the summer hollywood seems to get fleas. What you need to do is get the flea drops, (I use Frontline). What i do when i see him scrathin, is i give him a good bath, then I brush him dry. Once he is all dry I go ahead an put the flea drops on him. Now being that he has come into the house, you need to Fog your home to kill all the fleas. Home foggers are really cheap and you can get them at any walmart of target. You can get a 3 pack for 7 buxx! Anyhow, just make sure that you wash all your linens, and then go ahead and Fog your home. Then all the fleas inside will be dead, and your pooch will have no fleas, and nowhere to pick them up again 🙂 I fo my home every 2-3 months, just to be safe. ya know, kill them if they are there, cause i dont want to get the fleas, nor have hollywood get them. Hope this helped sugar! good Luck!

  3. youngblo

    my dog takes pills for this its called comfortis and i been using it for about 6 or 7 months and she been perfect

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