Like what breed is the easyest breed to train.


  1. 420girl

    German Shepherd is the easiest to train. I am a dog trainer and GS are very co-operative when being trained and also make the best guard attack or family dog or all of the above. Need some tips just get a hold of me I will help you.

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    Poodles of course! Poodles are my personal favorite – toy poodles in particular. They are bred to be companion dogs and they live to please. They happier you are with something they do, the more readily they will do it! We have a 6 month old poodle pup and she has been a breeze to train … but that’s just my opinion.

  3. FairlyEr

    Herding type dogs tend to be among the easiest to train because they are bred to look to their human handler for direction (as opposed to say, sighthounds, which are trained to run run run).
    This includes the dogs in the AKC herding group as well as dogs like the Rottweiler, which does indeed having herding and flock protection in its history.
    Herding dogs are certainly not the only great obedience dogs. Golden Retrievers may be the most popular obedience dogs of all. Papillions are also great performance dogs (and so darn cute while they do it!)
    The best breed to train, really, is going to be a breed and individual dog that matches your personality style and energy level. A passive handler will have a tough time with a pushy dog, and and an assertive, energetic handler may become frustrated with a mellow, low-key dog.

  4. lilmizza

    Any dog can be very easily trained with the right information. No matter what the breed, I always recommend taking a training class. You have a professional that can help you and the socialization your dog will get is priceless. I recommend PetSmart as a wonderful place. The price is right as well. One thing to always keep in mind is that each and every dog is an individual and any assumptions made by breed are only that, assumptions.


    It depends what you are training for?????? Just basic behaving, obedience trials,water training…..the list goes on and on. All can be easy to train if you work with the natural instincts they have.
    Some, like a Boarder Collie are know to be very trainable, but are not good dogs for everyone. If you try to train them to just behave and be a good house dog, you will have troubla because they have too much energy and would not be happy.

  6. tlctreec

    Many breeds are considered easy to train. Which just means thatthe dog is one that is willing to please and will do what is asked of it with little correction.
    Those would be Labs, goldens
    Other breeds are known for their independant thinking like the Doberman. They are much harder to trains as they will want to know WHY do you want me to do that? They are not as willing to please the owner there needs to be a reason for them for what you are asking. It takes different approach to teach them.
    You need to decised what you want to do with a dog and get a breed that does well in that area.
    Although Dobermans are very active they are not the best dogs in agility. There are a few who have done well but over all for agiality an Australian Shepard would be a much better choice.
    For fly ball a border collie is one of the best breeds.
    For Earth Dog trials dashunds excell at this one.
    For tracking and search Bloodhounds
    It just depends on what you want to do with you dog.

  7. ragapple

    Most major obedience tornament wins go to boarder collies, Goldens, & poodles. Labs, german shepards, corgies are also frequent contenders. The three belgian sheepdog breeds, portageese waterdogs, and shelties are also considered top contenders. this is training to a VERY high level of presision far more than the average owner needs or even wants. NO breed does not have titlests on a more modest level…..

  8. Sam_I_Am

    In my experience; the Shi-poo (shih tzu and mini-poodle) – they are heavenly loyal and do pretty much whatever I teach them..

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