i dont want to use bob martin spot on which i bought as i have read the worring reviews online and i wondered aside from going to the vets which is the best product for ridding 12 week old kittens of fleas


  1. Lol

    ive had cats for ten years and i’ve always found frontline to work perfectly, the frontline combo from the vets is better than the frontline you can get from supermarkets. I also find myself constantly hoovering and washing cat bedding when i find a flea, this helps a lot. I hate fleas! they love my skin!

  2. Abiah

    Buy a flea and tick shampoo. Make sure that it is for cats and that your kitten is old enough to use it.
    Fill a sink with warm water. Make sure it isn’t too hot. This will be your rinse.
    Place your kitten in the rinse to thoroughly wet its fur. This might be painful, if you don’t trim its nails first!
    Take your kitten out and, over a bowl or a bathtub, lather up a good amount of the flea and tick shampoo and work into the kitten’s fur. Make sure you do the head! If you don’t all the fleas will run up the body and hide on the head. Kittens don’t like fleas on their eyes!
    Allow the shampoo to work for 3-5 minutes depending on how long it takes for the fleas to die. When you start to see the bugs stay still, move on.
    Place your kitten back into the rinse to wash off the shampoo. You may have to rinse it under running water to get off any residual shampoo.
    . Transfer your kitty to a towel to keep its heat up. As soon as it dries, you will have a happy, flea-free kitten!

  3. Laverdab

    Get a steel flea comb, wet it slightly & keep combing thru. The fleas will stick to the wet comb, then you can pop them with your fingernail.
    This method also has the advantage of removing flea eggs & ‘bonding’ with your cat.

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