My dog keeps getting fleas and I cont. to treat her and bath her but they keep coming back. How do I get them out of my house. I have tried everything.


  1. dottie42

    Get Flea Shampoo and bathe the dog. get a script for flea med for a monthly treatment from the vet.
    Then get some flea foggers at a hardware, department or pharmacy store. Wash all your linen and your dogs bedding make sure to dry them in a hot dryer
    place foggers according to directions and leave the house make sure there is no living creature cat fish bird ect.
    when you return be sure to wash all area surfaces with hot soapy water. In about three to four days use a flea spray (repeated fogging may be necessary) around the dogs bed and your carpets, around your couch and chairs and under the cushions to make sure you kill any eggs that might have survived. The med from the vet is essential in flea control it is a liquid drop that goes on the back of the dogs neck. If your dog is prone to fleas I also recommend heart worm treatment.
    a big time animal lover

  2. Sarah

    Wash all of your linens and have your carpet and furniture professionally cleaned. Also, try putting Advantage on your dog. It’s a topical treatment that you apply once a month. You can buy it online or get it at a local vets office. I use it on both of my dogs and I’ve never had an issue with fleas. Good luck!

  3. Chaz Vegas

    take the dog to the vet for a flea bath and while the dog is out flea bomb the entire house. If you have things like ivy growing outside you may need to remove that kind of plants as they harbor fleas as well. good luck. or move to the desert like las vegas. fleas can’t survive there. too dry.

  4. redcurle

    Basically you have to treat your whole house and yard. Wash the furinture like the couches and chairs, shampoo the carpets. All bedding, and any clothing that may have come in contact with the dog. I am not sure how you treat your yard but my friend found out after a zillion times of washing her dogs and house she had to treat the yard too.

  5. Marie

    I had the same experience.
    It seems that fleas are becomming resistant to Frontline and advantage. New products are on the market: Vectra and Comfortis, exclusively from your vet. I haven’t tried them yet but a few days ago on this forum, 2 persons answered that they had excellent results with comfortis. No one answered about Vectra, but it is my vet’s choice.
    Now, you still have to treat the whole house and the garden if you have one: For the house, foggers seems to be the best solution, but you have to start the foggers, leave the house for 3 hours, come back, open all the windows and leave again for a moment. Take your pets with you, these chemicals are very toxic. Then, you’ll have to wash the linens, the dog’s bed and wipe all surfaces where food is prepared
    For the garden, spray insecticide everywhere, including on hard surfaces. The kind that you mix on a hose sprayer works well.
    Preferably start with the garden, then take care of the house. Repeat after 2 months
    I know it’s a lot of work but it’s the only way out of fleas.

  6. Lisa K

    The safest,cheapest and most effective method for getting rid of fleas is to spray a mixture of boric acid and salt on carpets, bedding and areas frequented by your dog.

  7. RoVale

    One thing that helps a great deal is to get rid of any carpeting you have in the house. Carpets are a great breeding ground for fleas. If you have only hardwood floors or tile, it’s much harder for fleas to find a place to hide and lay their eggs.

  8. Nedra E

    You probably think you’ve tried everything, but I doubt it.
    You didn’t say what you use to “treat her” .
    You didn’t say what you bathe her with.
    The way you get the fleas out of your house is to bug bomb your home every 4 days for a total of 4 to 6 times. Bug bombs only kill the live fleas and you have to do multiple treatments to get all the fleas that hatch, AFTER they hatch and BEFORE they lay more eggs. You have such a bad infestation, that’s what it takes.
    As to your dog. You should be treating her each month with Frontline Plus, or K9-Advantix, or Promeris. Promeris is new, and if you have used Frontline and your dog became resistant, then shift to Promeris.
    After a shampoo, you can also treat the dog with Kennel Dip. It comes in a small bottle. You put a small amount in a quart of water and sponge it over her after her bath.

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