We have lived here a week and there are fleas, im 9 mths pregnant about to have a baby and dont want fleas to be a problem. We have no pets, i know to vacume costantly and keep house cool and we have a pest control coming tuesday will that work? I have heard once a place gets fleas they wont go away!
Please any advice would be wonderful thanks!


  1. Kuzih

    Laying down flea powder (dog brand is stronger) in the carpets, do not let any cats around it though. I know you said there are no pets, but dog flea control is harmful to cats.
    Anyway, since you are pregnant you might want to try a more natural approach or buy some sticky traps (like the ones for flies). Here is a link to some natural remedies.

  2. Madddiii

    Yes the pest control will work. I would buy a flea spray from a pet store because it will drive it away… I think its just a myth that they can neva get rid of them

  3. Ark Lady

    You’ll have to treat both the interior and exterior areas about every three weeks to get things under control.

    Adult fleas make up only about 5% of the flea population so you need to stop the cycle.

    You can try diatomaceous earth on flooring, vacuum every day, clean bedding and other surfaces, and use parasitic nematodes in the yard.

    Hope this helps a little and you can find me on Twitter (FleaControlBook).

  4. jimbob

    hi, we have a similar problem. we had foxes in our garden under the shed this year and now the garden is thouroughly infested. my wife is pregnant and we have a 9 month old crawler. I have read the information below on a website called pesticide.org. I have found nothing negative about nematodes so far but they only work externally. As far as i can tell flea traps will only work for the adult fleas so will not fix the problem, however combined with thorough hoovering & carpet shampooing etc. they may well have enough of an effect to break the cycle. let us know if you find a safe solution.

    Boric acid kills fleas both by causing dehydration and by acting as a stomach poison.(10) In laboratory tests boric acid damaged sperm and caused miscarriages.(11) [Boric acid factsheet]

    Diatomaceous earth is made up of the mineral amorphous silica.(12) Like boric acid, it kills fleas by dehydration.(10) In laboratory tests, it caused lung inflammation and emphysema.(13)

    Fipronil (Frontline) is a nerve poison.(10) It caused thyroid cancer in laboratory tests, and affected the development of the nervous system in offspring when pregnant mothers were exposed.(14) [Fipronil factsheet]

    Imidacloprid (Advantage) is another nerve poison.(10) It caused miscarriages and abnormal development of bones in laboratory tests with rabbits.(15) [Imidacloprid factsheet]

    Lufenuron (Program) stops the development of flea eggs.(16) It is given to pets as pills or as a liquid mixed in food. In some dogs and cats, it caused vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, lethargy, and itchy skin.(17,18)

    Methoprene (Precor) prevents emergence of adult fleas.(10) It stimulated gene activity in a laboratory study using mammalian cells.(19)

    Pyriproxyfen (Nylar, Archer) prevents flea larvae from molting.(10) It caused anemia and increased blood cholesterol levels in a laboratory test using dogs.(20) diatomaceous earth is dangerous to your lungs.

  5. jimbob

    further to my previous message I should add that presumably the effects of the chemicals noted above are to the pets not to their owners. the pets receiving a much higher dose i guess.

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