I am thinking about getting a house dog, but I dread dealing with the fleas! What is the best way to keep fleas off your dog? I HATE the smell of flea shampoos, is there any alternatives to them?


  1. Yo LO! Aussie Grins

    Get your dog on either Frontline or K9 Advantix and have your house treated by an exterminator quarterly – You’ll be flea free without the nasty smells, guaranteed!

  2. candice h

    Dealing with a flea problem is a thing of the past. There are products now that you put on the dog between their shoulder blade and within 24 hours it spreads over the entire dog and protects them from fleas. You use it once a month during flea season, maybe year round if you live in the south and south west. You can start them as puppies on it.
    Easiest and most available is Advantage, shop for it online for the best price or get it from one of your local pet stores. DO NOT use products like “spot on” or anything else made by Hartz or Walmart.These have killed dogs. Best to go to your vet and get a recommendation.
    Be careful of flea preventatives with heart worm in them if you have greyhounds, aussie shepherds and some other breeds as they cannot take ivermectin; it will cause seizures and death. Those drugs you have to get from your vet and your vet should know this. Don’t take something from a friend for this reason.

  3. Penelope

    I use Frontline & Advantage. I heard that you should alternate between two brands to help avoid building up a resistance to one product. At this time the least expensive, that I’ve found is a six month supply at amazon & discountpetdrugs. For a dog weighing 45 to 88 lbs it is $64. At discountpetdrugs it is $5. off if you are a new customer and you use a promotion code, care.
    It will cost less if your pet is smaller.
    I haven’t always had to go strictly with a consistent monthly application, but if you put it off too long, they can be very bothersome to your pet.

  4. VW

    they have many different products on the market from frontline,advantage,advantic,comfortis and capstar and others,some are a small amount of liquid applied between the shoulder blades to a pill taken orally just have to see which 1 works for your pet.

  5. Gamer F

    There are many choices available for you to deal with fleas and ticks for your pets. Powders, dips, collars, and sprays are available for your choice.

  6. doxie

    We have no fleas at my house. Get the drops from your vet that takes care of fleas,ticks, heart worm and other worms. You put it on once a month. Then shampoo your dog with any shampoo that you like.

  7. bee

    Walmart has a yummy smelling flea and tick spray that I use. It also conditions his coat. Frontline is the best prevention.

  8. justmeho

    its called prevention!!! get flea/tick prevention medicine which smells better than the shampoo (it actually smells like baby powder if you buy the HARTZ brand).

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