I have a 2 year old cat and fleas are like literally tearing the poor guy up.


  1. spike

    if you have got a nit comb use that go through the fir removing the fleas when you can as soon as possible get some frontline from vets it is a non prescription drug now so you can buy it without them haveing to see your pet. The other thing if you dont like chemicals is garlic crush some up and put into boiled water let it cool down and then put some of the liquid arund the cats neck and tail area fleas hate it .

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  3. all4equi


  4. Lena L

    You can buy powder at a pet store. Make sure no one breathes it in though. Good luck! I hope all pets will be better!!!

  5. gram

    take that cat to the vet but call first if they are that bad they will help is he r she a out side cat you need to keep it in the house

  6. aecfac

    Get frontline from your vet and give him a very good bath. If the fleas are really bad, it may be a good idea to take him to the vet for a flea dip. You may not know this, but fleas can give your cat worms, among other things.

  7. deliriou

    Fleas are nasty, disease carrying little things! If you have an indoor cat I suggest you start by treating your house and yard.Vacuum! Vacuum! Vacuum! Then look for sprays (or indoor foggers) that have pyrethrins in it as that kills flea eggs and larva. (Please make sure you remove yourself and your pets from either environment when using those products) Give your cat a bath! You can buy cat shampoo anywhere, I think the grocery stores even carry it. Use a quality flea and tick control product like frontline Plus! It kills fleas in all stages and prevents re -infestation. Buy some Brewers Yeast tablets. Your cats will love the taste and the fleas hate the stuff! Good Luck!

  8. girlfrie

    i have a cat and he to suffered from fleas, but now we have told the vet about it he has gave us some advise on how to treat it. now we use frontline, it is a flea killer for cats.
    our cat had fleas very bad and caused fur loss but now we are useing frontline our cat is 100% healthy.
    you can get frountline from shops like pets at home and other pet stores.

  9. Nicole L

    Give your cat a bath immediantly, if you don’t have flea shampoo use normal household dishwashing detergent (NOT dishwasher detergent but the liquid you use with a sponge). Lather up the cat really good and leave the suds on for 5 to 10 minutes. The longer the better. This will kill the fleas but won’t keep them off your pet for long. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. This will pick up any eggs laid in your carpet, make sure to vaccum every day or every other day. Otherwise flea eggs will hatch in your carpet and jump on both you and kitty! Wash any bedding the cat sleeps on regularly, do this every other day. I know its a lot of work but fleas really make animals miserable and can also cause anemia and worms.

  10. kjh

    yeah i used advantage then used a whle box of iodized salt all over the house! expecailly around his area

  11. Sofia.

    Your cat WILL hate this but find shampoo that kills fleas on contact. but after the fleas are gone your cat will not be tearing again. or you could just use Frontline

  12. little mommy gotta go doll

    Your vet can give you a pill or powder to give to it and that will kill the adult fleas in 24 hours. It’s called Capstar. Then the vet will probably give you a spot flea control like Frontline to kill the eggs and prevent reinfestation. Until you can go to the vet you can try to bath your cat in dawn dish soap. The soap destroys the fleas exoskeleton and kills the adults.

  13. gilmoreg

    Natural animal makes a flea shampoo that is safe for cats and for you. It is great at killing fleas. Also, I would suggest Frontline of Advantage as well. But remember to wait at least 24 hours after the cat has had a bath to apply it, because it works better when it can mix in with the animals natural oils as it absorbs into the skin.

  14. Libraria

    I would suggest reading this article by the Humane Society. It talks about what’s safe and what isn’t.

  15. MaryBee

    Use sergeant’s flea spray, also try shampoo, and be sure to vacuum or clean floors in your home. I had this issue with my 2 cats and now its all good………

  16. punkrokc

    whatever you do, do NOT buy ANY Hartz products. HIGHLY poisonous, and WILL kill your pet.
    I’ve done too much research on this…after one of my own kittens passed away from a Hartz flea product. 🙁
    DO NOT BATHE IN DISHSOAP. Yeah, it works – but my personal opinion is that once you dry them off there will still be some soap left in their fur. They’ll start licking themself immediately….and ingest all that soap.
    Fill the tub with WARM water. Give your pet a bath in REGULAR water, and use a nifty flea comb to get out the majority of the little buggers.
    You can also get a bowl of HOT water with dishsoap and use the flea comb on them…immediately dunk the sucker in the bowl of dishsoap. Careful – they’re real jumpers.
    But most importantly – TREAT them with Advantage or Frontline. If you have 2 kittens under 9 lbs you can get the product for 9 lbs +….then split the tube between them. You’ll save $50.
    Hope this helped a little…

  17. shirakum

    Buy Advantage for felines! The fleas dies almost instantly when applied. I warn you not to buy any over the counter flea collars and medication! Not only do they not work effectively but it might also do harm to your cat. Also, bathe your cat with flea shampoo or soapy water. Use a flea cob to comb out fleas frequently.

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