I am asking this in the Sa section because I am only interested in products you can find here. What do you put on your dogs to treat fleas. I have been using Ultrum shampoo and spray but my dogs still have fleas? What do you use?


  1. Bull X

    We also use Ultrum and occasionally various other off the shelf flea shampoos, I can’t recall the names off the top of my head, will check when I get home, we have fortunately had no flea infestations for a few months now (since using Ultrum), I am extremely allergic to flea bites so we make sure to “dip” our dog every six weeks or else I itch and scratch for days on end, even losing valuable sleep as well as getting terrible sores where bitten which take weeks to heal.
    We also spray all areas that are frequented by the dog with Baygon Flea killer, including his blanket and kennel, maybe that helps.
    You should speak to your vet as I have been told certain garden plants attract fleas, perhaps you have such plants in your garden.
    I’m no expert though, just an opinion.

  2. cakes

    Like Trent says, Frontline, we used Avantex on our 8 dogs, and when there was an outbreak of flea, then a quick visit to the Animal Welfare for a dip. They have a permanent dip feature where you can pay a minimal fee and dip your dog in their bath, and then let it drip dry in the enclosure. I am sure that all AWS should have it, otherwise ask about it. We otherwise used to dip our dogs at home. Our vet recommended a cattle dip that one can buy at the co-op.
    You must be aware that fleas come from cats, so see that all the cats around you are flea free. And these tiny fleas carry the eggs or larvae of the worms that dogs tend to get. So when your dog has fleas, make sure to de-worm them as well.
    The products that one can buy in the supermarkets are generally cheaper, but they also have less vuma. So get the stuff that your vet recommends, even if it is more expensive.
    For the house I have found that doom fogger or those fumitabs are the best. Plan a day´s outign for the family, get all foodstuffs closed up, animals outside for the day, and get those “bombs” going. When you come back, open all doors and windows to air.

  3. bean

    I used the cheapest shampoo at PicknPay and then put them on Program pills, once a month they eat a pil and it keeps them flea & tick free. A bit expensive, from R25 a pil, but larger dogs are R38 a pill. You can only buy it at the chemist, I used to buy singlers and not the whole box. After that you dont need to buy the shampoo.
    PS to keep hair looking good you must give a teaspoon of oil in their dinner.

  4. lindaron

    There is a good dip called Dazzle that is used for pigs sheep and rabbits – prepared as for rabbits it works instantly on dogs. DO NOT USE IT ON CATS!! I also find that once controlled Advantix does the job if used as indicated. Advantix also protects your dog against mosquitoes.

  5. Gerald Crawford in Stellenbosch

    You need to break the life cycle of the free. Give your dog garlic tablets. Get the garlic tablets from a chemist. You will cut the amount of frees by half at a fraction of the cost. Please take note that if your dog does not have frees its not a dog.

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