My cats breed is a ragdoll
She is a long haired cat
I found a couple fleas on her the other day so i gave her a bath she didnt like it, today there was another flea on her . i am not sure what to do .
Is bathing the best way to kill her fleas????


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    You need to buy some Frontline pipettes and spray for the home to kill eggs laid in the carpets etc I find Vetkem acclaim spray good for this, these are both sold at some Large pet stores or vet surgerys. It is important not to bath her while you are treating your cat with these.

  2. Lynzeigh

    Your vet can give you a medication called Capstar. This will start killing every single flea on the cat within 30 minutes, and almost all will be dead within 7 hours.
    Then it is usually recommended to give a bath to get rid of all the dead fleas (on a long haired cat, by the time you notice one or two fleas, it is possible the cat has hundreds of them). I know she didn’t like the bath the other day, but it might be necessary.
    Now that all the fleas are dead and gone, you can use a product such as Revolution or Advantage to prevent them coming back.
    Avoid all flea collars and any flea products from the supermarket, especially those from Hartz. They don’t work and can be dangerous.
    Hope that helps.
    PS I have a Ragdoll too, aren’t they fantastic!!

  3. mercury

    I have Maine Coon Cats, so I also deal with long haired cats all the time, and what I’ve always been pleased with is Frontline Plus for cats. It’s a topical that’s put between the front shoulders ON the skin, and it only has to be repeated every 4-6 weeks. It kills live fleas within a short time and also keeps any larvae already on the cat from developing into adult and it kills any eggs too!! I’ve been using Frontline Plus for 5 yrs, I’m a foster home for Maine Coon’s so have had many, many cats/kittens in my home, and have never seen a flea since I started using the topicals! Don’t use the cheap stuff made by Hartz that you can get at Wal Mart–it has made a lot of animals sick!
    Good luck to you!

  4. Christine R

    I had the same problem with my dog (who has extemely long and thick hair). Nothing, not even bathing her with flea shampoo worked.
    What actually ended up working for me was this topical ointment (I don’t remember the name of it now) that I bought at Walmart that you put on your dog from the back of the neck to the base of her spine. It was amazing! I combined that with sprinkling a good layer of Borax over my carpets and floors (to kill the fleas and flea eggs) and before I knew it our flea problem was gone 🙂
    Good luck!

  5. Common Sense

    No – bathing MAY kill SOME of the fleas on her but once you put her back down on the floor more will just jump on.
    Get your cat on a monthly spot treatment such as Advantage or Frontline. You can buy them online at You’ll also have to treat any other pets you have in your home as well.
    Do so QUICKLY. Fleas multiply at an astronomical rate and the longer your wait, the worse it will get and the longer it will take to get them under control.

  6. Café Mocha Valencia

    Start using flea drops NOW! Not cheap walmart brand.. go to the vet and get your cat a prescription brand that will stop the problem before it gets out of control. Please believe me when I say you need to take this seriously and act fast.
    I have 5 indoor cats.. when they were kittens they got flea’s and I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them. Nothing even put a dent in the flea problem we had. It got so bad that when I tried giving them another flea bath the water was turning red from all the blood due to their itching and scratching. Not to mention that you couldn’t take 2 steps into my home without having at least 20-30 flea’s on your legs. It was absolute hell. IF the problem gets to this point flea drops and baths are not going to help. The only thing that worked for me was Boric Acid. You can buy Boric Acid at Lowe’s or most Equity Stores. It comes in a powder form that you mix with hot water and put into a carpet cleaner and go to town! Everything has to be washed in boric acid.. carpets, furniture, curtains, pillows, sheets, clothes.. you name it. It is not harmful to you or your pets as long as you mix it with the right amount of water. But do NOT use this directly on your pet. Maintain a bathing routine and keep up with flea drops. Remember that even if your pet seems to be flea free for a couple days.. the eggs can survive for days in your carpet and upholstery. I hope you do not need to go through all of this but when you have one flea.. it multiplies to 1000’s in no time if you do not act fast. I wish you and your pet the best of luck!

  7. Hummer Parts

    Bathing cannot remove fleas entirely. Go to your vet and get a medication. You put it on the cat’s skin between its shoulder blades. The fleas start dying in 30 min. and keep your pet protected for a whole month. It’s a once a month treatment. For what you spent on a ragdoll cat- get the treatment:-)

  8. Andi

    i have 9 cats and the only way i know and prefer is bathing them using SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER, you have to bath them at least once every week or they could get sick because fleas carry diseases

  9. Cate

    OH I Have 3 Ragdolls!!!! THEY ARE SO GREAT
    I did it for about 10 years when I had indoor outdoor kitties, now only indoor, so no need any more but it was a life savor!!
    How I got rid of fleas and bugs from my home
    You will need to purchase a simple bug/fly zapper; the type you use on a patio to kill flying insects. You can buy a small one that will cover a large area of your house at most home improvement stores for as little as 20.00-30.00 dollars. For faster results you can use one bug zapper for each room. However the fleas do gravitate to the bug zapper’s light once night sets in and all the lights in your house are out. So one should work for a small home, just make sure to place it in the room where the most fleas are seen or felt. Place the zapper on the floor in a corner behind a piece of furniture so kids and pets won’t play with or bother it. Set it on a plate or pie tin for easy cleaning up of the zapped bugs, you will be killing all bugs in your home as well, and then plug it in. Remember, it is a piece of electrical equipment. You have to use caution in where you put it. At night the fleas automatically want to go to a light, when they hop in to the bug zapper light they get fried! You can actually hear little, zits, zits when the fleas are getting zapped! All GONE! Keep the carpet vacuumed daily until your flea problem is under control, this will help tremendously in getting the fleas eggs out of your home and carpet faster!! I am not responsible for misuse of the above item. Use full caution in placing your bug zapper to the safest place. It will work for months, even years; it will continue to kill bugs in your home as long as the light is on. The bulb can be replaced once it burns out. The light bulb can be purchased at most home improvement stores.…

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