I recently got a new pup and i wanted to know what the quickest and most effective way of training her would be?
Not only toilet training (which seems to simply demand time and patients, no too technical) but tricks also? Also how to punish them? I.e. If they beg ignor them, or whatever the most effective method may be.


  1. shanook_

    You have to be consistent when training, say the command, show them and then giving a reward. Make all the commands firm and don’t plead with them simply tell them.
    Use the same commends each time…sit, stay, down and off. Don’t say down when they climb on the sofa or jump up as you want down to mean lie down say off. One word commands work best.
    Lead training needs to be started in the house now train to walk to heel. http://www.petcaretips.net/how-train-dog…
    Once you have mastered the sit command and down then you will not need to punish your dog for begging simply tell it to lie down. My dogs have the bed command when I eat and they go to lie in their beds and wait. Feed you dog after you have eaten not before.
    Remember to not give your pup tip bits off your plate when you are eating.
    Your pup needs a leader and will need you to show him what you want from him so don’t use punishment when he does wrong just show him what you want him to do.

  2. JOHN R

    Studies have shown that dogs trained using positive training methods have fewer and less severe behavioral issues than dogs trained using punishment-based training methods. Also, you can use positive training methods on a puppy of ANY age, so you can get started on teaching basic manners right away. If you are not experienced in training a dog, probably the quickest, easiest, and most effective way for you to learn how to train your dog is to take a training class with a professional trainer. The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (http://www.apdt.com/default.aspx) is a good place to start if you are looking for a positive trainer who keeps up to date with continuing education.

  3. ainawgsd

    Puppy classes are a good way to socialize your new pup and then obedience classes.
    Positive training such as rewards for doing the right thing always works better than negative training or punishment.
    Take your time and enjoying training your dog, it may take a while but it will be worthwhile.
    Also remember to do regular short training sessions – 5-10 minutes a day are always best and keep it fun and rewarding for you and the pup.

  4. LAURA S

    If your puppy is under 8 weeks is a good idea not to start until they are over 8 weeks good the best way to train them would be to take them to puppy school the ppl there show you how to train a dog so if you get another dog you can train them2

  5. Atigrad0

    repatition and a treat for doing something right, dont for get praise too.
    and if they beg at meal times lock them out of the room

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