I bought flea and tick collars for my cats and obviously they don’t like them. But I am wondering if having all those chemicals so close to my cats’ faces is a good idea. I know they don’t want fleas either, but perhaps there is a better way than a flea and tick collar…


  1. Calli-Ki

    well, I use advantage and haven’t had a problem with them.
    I have heard bad things and toxicity in animals with Hartz’s flea collars and other Hartz’s products.

  2. brutusmo

    Flea and tick collars are a waste of money. They only work (if they do) wherever they touch the skin, so they don’t “do” the rest of the animal!
    There’s a new product out now, that’s using a different formula, and is working great……called “ProMeris” for cats. They have it for dogs, too…..different package / strength / formula.
    I’ve been using it on my animals for 6 months, and really like it. It smells good, and gets rid of the fleas.
    Of course, you realize that if you do not treat your house / yard, you won’t be able to completely get rid of the fleas! Also, if your cats have fleas, they probably have TAPEWORM, too. They get that from eating fleas!
    Ask your vet about ProMeris and the tapeworm meds.
    Good luck……………

  3. WP Robot for Wordpress

    Remove the flea collars immediately. They are very harmful to your cats. Go to the vet and get Frontline or Advantage. The stuff from the store is useless and can make your cats very sick or even cause death.

  4. missyoun

    While I doubt that your kitty would like to take a bath, coconut shampoo might work, but only if it has coconut oil in it vs artificially scented. Best for kittens as they are easier to handle!

  5. Appl

    I have an older cat I rescued who looked terrible since the day I got him. He was overrun with black fungus and threw up alot plus his hair looked terrible. When I was putting his dose on Frontline on, I noticed he immediately began scratching the spot and I saw a lesion. I washed it off and guess what–I discovered after a few weeks off the flea prep, his hair grew back, he got much much healthier and stopped throwing up. He is a completely different cat! He was allergic to the products and i had no idea it was making him so sick.

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