I have a 1 wk old son and when my mom came to visit for his birth she brought her dog… who in turn brought us fleas! Our house is now infested and it’s driving me crazy. All of the foggers that I’ve seen would be way too dangerous to use in his area. We really can’t afford to hire a professional. Any ideas?


  1. outlaw_b

    in a word, Borax. as in twenty mule team borax. spread it onto your carpets and over your cloth furniture. after a while, vacuum. end of flea problem. i always left some under the couch as a preventative measure but with a baby wouldnt be a good idea.

  2. Kristen K

    With a newborn in the house, you should definitely not use poison–Do you have carpeting or wood floors?–vacuum regularly and remove the bag or bagless container from your house-mist all types of floors with vinegar–if you have wood floors I would sweep and then mop with a bleach/water solution–try the method twice a day for about three days and see if it helps–never lay the baby on the floor until the problem is remedied.

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