1. Madison

    I didn’t see any special techiniques. On his TV shows, I only saw how clueless some owners are. He had to tell these people what I assumed all dog owners knew. But then, I grew up having dogs all the time. My parents and grandparents were all experienced with many dogs and various breeds. Maybe for inexperienced dog owners, his show was a revelation.
    I think his show is important especially since people are keeping more pets now than 80 years ago. The people need training to know what to do. I wouldn’t assume I could just buy a horse and know what to do.

  2. averageb

    When I first started watching his show I was like “huh?” I thought he was crazy (although sometimes I still do). When he really helps the families and their crisis I think it’s amazing.

  3. Joi S

    Don’t forget, he doesn’t claim to be a dog trainer, he says he’s a dog psychologist. He doesn’t train dogs how to perform actions like sit and stay, he works on behavioral problems.

  4. wenchmai

    I try his techiques with my dogs, it work. I also been watching his show, he show how to control your dog except the dog controling you. I have learn a lots

  5. johnlee1

    they work….and i like his no yell, and no force training….totally believe in his methods and watch almost all his shows…..
    i have noticed that he no longers tries to push off the leash lead he used to… i did try it and it was of no use on my doggie, but his methods work with my little pal and i really like how my dog gets treated very good because i am not frustrated by any bad behavior…..thank you Cesar, for helping me train my little friend in a kind calm assertive way……..and my little Daisy thanks you also….

  6. person

    they are great i am a dog trainer and i used his techniqes before i even herd of him. they work and a just good.

  7. AnimeLov

    I think his techniques are the perfect method for dog training. He really has a deep understanding of how the mind of a dog works.

  8. drakkor1

    No two dogs are alike so why does he use the same method for each dog? I prefer Victoria Stilwell since she will adjust to the individual dog not just use the same thing over and over. Besides that he uses aggressive and outdated techniques that only scare the dog into submission, if you check on those families a few weeks after he leaves the dog is either back to normal or worse because the owners werent taught how to train the dog properly. Im not a fan of positive training but all negative training can be worse when used on any dog. At least with positive training people usually recognise when a dog wont respond to it. Alpha rolls typically dont work and are dangerous if done to a super dominant dog, they may attack you because YOU are CHALLENGING them.

  9. Ariana, <3 Deaf Dogs

    he has the right idea, but because we only see a portion of the work that goes into training the dog, it looks simple on tv

  10. Sophiesm

    I think he has some very good ideas. He is right that most problems rise from the fact that dogs are pack animals and most humans (dog owners) don’t understand that they must be the Leader of their pack to have a happy, healthy and well adjusted dog.

  11. nogoodlo

    I think that his TV show and books do not reveal 100% of his training methods nor the entire process by which he gets to the end result. I think that poking an aggressive dog and telling it to Shhh! will never work by itself.
    However, his understanding of pack mentality is fabulous. I think he’s helped a great deal of people to understand that dogs do not reason the same as human children and cannot be treated the same as them.
    Sorry Cobra … to clarify, I’m talking about truly aggressive dogs, not dominant or stubborn dogs. I deal with dogs that have serious aggression problems and I can assure you it would not stop a dog from eating you.
    As it was pointed out earlier, Cesar claims to be a dog psychologist and not a dog trainer.

  12. Wordpress Autoblog Plugin

    i generally think he’s pretty good but he seems to rely too much on walking as the answer to every problem. i think there are better training techniques to a lot of the issues he deals with. i really enjoy the trainer on “It’s Me or the Dog” on Animal Planet. she deals with a wider array of issues and teaches many different techniques.

  13. brookecb

    There’s a lot of truth to what he says. It may not be as easy as he makes it looks but for a lot of people just exercising their dog goes a long way in curbing behavior issues.

  14. Mrs E

    I’m not impressed really. While I suppose for the really bad off dogs and families, it may work… they never bother to tell you that if people just bothered to train that puppy from day one, they could have avoided situations that needed that level of training. We learned good and subtle ways of establishing our leadership roles in my puppy kindergarten classes without needing to “dominate” the dog into submission.
    I think his training techniques are mostly for losers who don’t bother to train their dogs until they realize a problem is more than they can handle.

  15. Donnie Mac

    I LOVE CESAR!! lol i really do, i record all his shows & have his book. he’s amazing and REALLY helps those dogs and their family’s. i mean look at his pack! he rehabilitaded all those dogs, otherwise they would have been put to sleep!
    he’s a life saver.
    “Go Daddy!” he shows the true side of pitbulls and breeds with a bad rep b/c of stupid ppl. “no such thing as a bad dog, only bad owners”

  16. I LoVe MaLtEsE

    I think he is amazing. Sure we don’t get to see all of what he does, but they show you enough techniques that you can try in your very own home. He has the right approach, and is a shinning example of how it doesn’t take a degree to know your stuff. Dogs have been his forte his whole life. He is a unique individual with a God given talent. Anyone that disagrees is just either A not doing it right, or B a pessimist with no patience. Cesar says he rehabilitates dogs and trains the owner. We are the one in control, and just like children we have to discipline them. They can’t think rationally so we are the brain. Cesar has it right on the head. He says he believes 99 percent of dogs can be helped. Sure there are few that are just in to deep, but just know that you can always teach an old dog new tricks. Keep positive and you will get what you put in to it.

  17. Ashley Lovelace

    I love his techniques. It works great in my household of 5 dogs inside and 4 dogs outside. We used to have many problems until we understood the pack mentality. Now everyone gets along. If they act up then we just reinforce what we have taught them.

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