clicker training, Koehler Method, Monks of New Skete, Cesar Millan etc.
do you think using a mix of methods works better than just one?


  1. st.lady37 (GitEm)

    My own. Sorry it doesn’t have a name. It just developed over the years and works great for me. I’m sure it is a combination of several methods. Not all methods work for all dogs.

  2. a gal and her dog

    I use my own mix of clicker training without ruling out corrections.
    I like the Leerburg Kennels podcasts, personally.
    As for what I think works best: I’m working this out for my dog’s and my own needs. I think finding a method you can understand and agree with is very important, but not as important as figuring out what will help your dog the best. It won’t work, though, if you aren’t willing to do it, if that makes sense. So, in my opinion, find out as much as you can and go from there with your head swimming!

  3. kycanine

    I think the method of training used should depend of the dog itself and the goals a trainer has for that individual dog. I personally use a balanced training program that is positive reinforcement in the “teaching” phase and then I use verbal and leash (or e-collar) corrections to proof the behavior under distance and distractions. I believe that there are EFFORT ERRORS and NON EFFORT ERRORS. If a dog makes an effort error he needs help not corrections. An effort error means the dog is trying and just not getting it right. A non-effort error is when the dog understand what your asking and chooses not to comply b/c he is distracted or is blowing you off… that dog needs a correction to let him know that its mandatory not optional that he complies with your command.
    I like the e collar because it removes all handler/dog conflict and when used properly is less painful than even a flat collar correction. I use it as more of a poke to say pay attention than a lightening bolt up the butt For all those who may read this that are against their use I suggest you check out
    Hope this helps!
    Kelly Hayes
    PetSmart Obedience Instructor
    Obedience and Schutzhund Competitior since ’99

  4. piss off

    Trial and error mainly. I use positive reiniforcement, praising good behaviour to the skies. I ignore bad behaviour as much as I can. My dogs thrive on attention and don’t like being ignored. This method has worked beautifully with my young b*tch. I can’t say it has been too successful with the male, who is much more of a handful. I have had to lower the bar for him.

  5. Marna O

    mostly common sense and experience over the decades of working with dogs. No clicker….treats and toys and praise to show what I want and reward… mild verbal corrections, slightly raising the correction until dog responds….

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