We just found fleas in our home, we do not have any pets, so we do not know how they came about. I would like to know if there is anything i can do ASAP to get rid of these pests. I am getting bit a bunch, we have 2 young children in our home, and i need to solve this problem as fast as I can. WHAT DO I DO


  1. Sexy Chica

    vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. And then throw away the vacuum bag pronto. If that doesnt help, you may have to get one of those aerosol house bomber things from walmart. But you will need to leave your home for several hours and then air out the house really good afterwards. And then vacuum some more.

  2. JimC

    Home remedy.
    Vacuum carpets well (and all baseboards,trim,around doors/windows,etc.)
    Throw that vacuum bag away.
    Lysol (liquid) in a spray bottle, throughout home/ floors, etc.
    Let that work for a day, then vacuum again (throw the bag away) then respray with same said Lysol.
    (You’re throwing out those vacuum bags, because the eggs from those critters hatch quickly/exponentially)
    A few days treatment (as scribed above) and you should be fine.
    Otherwise, you may have to pay $$$$to an exterminator and leave the home whilst.

  3. Sugarboo

    Two things that I found that worked for me in the past is the spray from the vet. It’s not a bomb it’s a spray can. I found that the bombs from the stores don’t work. Also one time my mom gave me some stuff that she got from her carpet cleaning guy. I think it was called Diatomaceous Earth that worked really well.

  4. spanish mortgages

    put a white sock in the area that has the most fleas
    they will be attracted to the sock and when you see lots on there throw the sock out
    fleas need a host to survive, if you have no pets they should die off in a few days

  5. Arlene

    Constant vacuuming is necessary but I suggest you put a flea collar in the vacuum bag or vacuumcup this way any eggs that may be left behind will die off

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